Why do you need tow truck insurance for your towing business?

Are you constantly juggling the question of whether you should take tow truck insurance for your Towing business or not? Well, the answer lies in “what, how, and why”. What is tow truck insurance? Why exactly do you need this? How would this insurance benefit your trucking company?

Tow truck drivers provide a highly beneficial service to their community, similar to what other truck drivers do. Any firm that tows automobiles may safeguard its enterprise by purchasing insurance that is suitable for the hazards involved with towing.

The commercial towing policy followed by travel trailer transportation will give protection against potential dangers regardless of whether your firm operates commercial tow trucks, tows disabled automobiles, or provides towing operations as part of a service center, salvage operation, or hauling business.

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By providing coverage for the numerous commercial hazards that towing firms deal with on a regular basis, tow truck insurance steps into aid in these situations.

Learn more about tow truck insurance needs.

What is Tow Truck Insurance?

With the needs of tow truck operators in mind, tow truck insurance is a special type of commercial truck insurance created for towing firms. The primary area of coverage for tow truck plans is Liability insurance, which covers damage to property, bodily harm coverage, and medical costs.

Many of the risks faced by tow truck operators can be decreased by having a tow truck protection plan that is pertinent to your requirements. The total cost of your truck insurance will depend on the kind of coverage you choose. Whatever plan you opt for, it is a must-have for your towing business.

Why Do You Need Tow Truck Insurance?

Your company puts a lot of effort into assisting people. Although your clients rely on you with their vehicles, running a tow truck company comes with a lot of hazards. For instance, you would be responsible for any damage caused to the customer’s automobile if something went wrong with the tow. In these circumstances, towing insurance would offer protection for both your belongings and the automobiles you were moving.

The following are some reasons why you need tow truck insurance:

  • Includes any costs for property damage and medical care for third parties.
  • Prevents you from going into debt if one of your trucks is destroyed while towing the car.
  • Protects the reputation of your company by providing coverage for unforeseeable worker injuries and deaths.
  • Guards against any legal action.

Potential Dangers Current Tow Truck Drivers Experience Every day!

Commercial tow truck drivers encounter a wide range of risks on the road nowadays, therefore there are several coverage alternatives. It can be risky out there, especially if your co-members are watching as cars go by while they stand on the side of the road.

Here are just a handful of the risks that tow truck drivers frequently encounter:

  • Truck drivers experience workplace injuries or fatalities at a rate that is often two times higher than the national rate.
  • These wounds are typically brought on by being struck by other vehicles on the road.
  • The busiest days for the sector are typically those with the worst possible driving conditions.
  • Confrontations with car owners pose additional hazards if your firm involves impounding automobiles.
  • When loading automobiles, glass, and jagged edges can hurt tow truck drivers.

Therefore, tow truck insurance not only protects you from legal and medical expenses, but also provides protection to your employers, which are important assets for your company.

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Different Tow Truck Insurances For Different Tow Companies

While company owners in the towing sector confront certain particular dangers, they also face issues that are comparable to those faced by operators of other commercial vehicles. Tow truck insurance is created to provide protection for all businesses operating in this sector.

A tow truck company is a firm that provides services, roadside assistance, and repair for broken-down automobiles. Apart from these, there are other towing companies including Clockwise haulings, Action Haulers, Truck Parts Suppliers, and Shops with Full Help.

Similar to other drivers, these businesses are obliged to have general liability insurance. The bulk of tow truck businesses also carries additional coverages. For example, On-hook insurance is one such popular and essential standard coverage. It provides protection to tow truck operators while towing another vehicle.

The Types of Tow Truck Insurance Coverage You Need

One of many different forms of coverage is on-hook, with liability being another. Here is a comprehensive listing of tow truck insurance policies that anybody working in this sector should take into account:

Liability Insurance

Tow truck drivers need liability insurance in particular. Without liability insurance, no person or business may lawfully drive or operate a vehicle. This insurance plan will provide coverage for both property damage and personal injuries in the event that a driver is involved in an accident.

Medical Payment

In the event that the truck is involved in an accident, this provision guarantees that medical expenses for the drivers or passengers would be covered. This is significant because motorists frequently give the owners of the automobiles they are hauling rides.


Comprehensive insurance is crucial if you drive newer trucks. In the case that your vehicles sustain damage in circumstances other than collisions, this policy gives protection.

Physical Damage

Physical damage coverage for your tow trucks will often be necessary if you financed their acquisition. Whatever the cause of the damages, the coverage guards against them.

Garagekeepers Service

You should purchase garage service insurance if your company provides more than just towing services, such as roadside assistance or on-site service facilities. This insurance can defend you from losses sustained while an automobile is being repaired by your company.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist

If you choose this option, your business will be paid in the event that you collide with a driver who is driving without the necessary insurance. The majority of these insurance also offer protection in hit-and-run incidents.


When you have on-hook coverage, your working vehicle is safe. If a car you don’t own is damaged during transit, this coverage will cover the cost of repairs or replacement.

Workers’ Compensation

In the event that one of your workers or drivers is injured at work or becomes ill while working for you, employers’ liability insurance will protect them and pay for their medical expenses. Even if they are unable to work, it could make up some of their missed pay and offer life insurance to the employee’s family in case of an untimely demise.

The Big Takeaway

Keep in mind the legal requirements while acquiring tow truck insurance. Commercial truck insurance is necessary for all 50 states, and failing to carry it might result in harsh fines or, worse still, the suspension of your license. Therefore, before picking insurance, review the state’s requirements for truck insurance.

Additionally, having a sizable insurance policy may always assist you in efficiently running your organization. You require additional insurance in addition to your regular commercial truck insurance to cover the automobiles you are towing. Consider the fact that the right tow truck coverage might protect your towing business from a number of costly mistakes.

Speak with a commercial insurance expert to obtain the appropriate level and sort of coverage. You can let them know your demands. They will then provide you advice on the insurance coverages you need to think about for your towing company in order to maintain a smooth operation.

We hope you found this blog informative! In case of any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below. We will be happy to answer your questions.