Become a Motor Insurance Agent Online

Are you looking for practical tips to become a motor insurance agent? It can be a lucrative career, especially if you want to get a stable income source and work at your own hours. The scope of this career is high, as motor insurance is something that everyone needs to purchase at some point. 

The reasons include the potential for an individual to get injured in an accident with a vehicle. Also, even if no accident occurs, there is still a chance that damage could happen to the vehicle itself. Having insurance means an individual can handle such occurrences in a way that is legally and financially responsible. 

This article looks at everything you need to know to become motor insurance agent online. So, let us get started.

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Who is a Motor Insurance Agent?

A motor insurance agent is an individual who works with insurance agents to take care of the needs of policyholders. Most of these agents get employed by insurance companies as part of a team. They have the responsibility to educate and counsel clients concerning motor insurance policies. 

A typical day at work might include attending training sessions to build sales skills, contacting policyholders to follow up on their claims, and having meetings with colleagues. Motor insurance agents must possess excellent customer knowledge and be able to explain difficult concepts in simple terms. 

It is also essential for them to be persuasive and confident in their communication skills when speaking with customers. There may be some travel involved as agents must meet customers face-to-face if the geographical distance is an obstacle to regular meetings.

What is Motor Insurance?

Before knowing how to become vehicle insurance agent you must know what is Motor insurance. As the name suggests, motor insurance is a type of insurance made for the protection or benefit of automobiles. It is similar to other types of insurance like health insurance. The main goal of this insurance is to protect against various legal violations related to vehicles.

Motor insurance covers physical damage to the owner’s motor car or someone else’s, arising from a road accident. As coverage is pretty exhaustive, it is essential to explain what customers are going to get covered for and exactly how much they will end up paying. 

In India, one can get coverage when they buy a new or used car or even a light commercial automobile. But the amount of cover differs significantly, and the premium cost depends on the make and model of the vehicle the policyholder owns.

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What are the Different Types of Motor Insurance Plans?

Here are the three different types of motor insurance plans.

  • Third-party Motor Insurance Policy

The Indian Motor Vehicles Act makes it mandatory for owners to have third-party motor insurance. If not availed of, such vehicle owners remain liable for fines. Having the insurance in place helps the owner protect themselves from damage to themselves or their vehicle.

  • Own Damage Insurance Policy

It is a customised insurance policy for automobiles designed to protect the owner and their vehicle from losses.

  • Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy

It is an insurance policy that offers security from losses and damages due to third-party involvement. The protection is for losses due to accidents, thefts, natural calamities, etc. 

Why Should I Become a Motor Insurance Agent?

Here are several reasons why you should become a motor insurance agent.

  • Become Your Own Boss

Most people get surprised when they hear that being a vehicle insurance agent makes you your own boss. However, it is true. When you start your career as a vehicle insurance sales agent, it might seem overwhelming. 

That is because you have not started working yet. Insurance agents remain independent workers, which means you can make your own schedule. You do not have to work full-time if you do not want to.

  • Work From Home

Working from home as a vehicle insurance agent gives you the freedom to do what you want. It can be an excellent opportunity to earn a living of your own. It is flexible, and you can choose when and where you work.

That could be working during evenings, weekends, or just in short bursts. This flexibility means it is easy to mix your remote work and still hold a conventional job.

  • Get Trained in Only 15 Hours

Did you know that you can get your vehicle insurance license in 15 hours of training? Yes, it is true. With this certification, you will have the necessary credentials to become an auto insurance agent.

  • Get High Earning Potential

Vehicle insurance is a rewarding career and offers a host of opportunities for everyone. If you want to work in a field where you can be your own boss, be in control of your own destiny, and make a significant income, becoming a vehicle insurance agent may be ideal for you.

  • Start With Zero Investment

You get the opportunity to become a vehicle insurance agent with no initial investment. The only thing you need is to have a passion for helping others and the willingness to work hard. 

However, if you do not have an existing customer base or any contacts in the industry, your insurance agency will provide you with a business plan and training to help you succeed.

How to Become a Motor Insurance Agent?

You can get started by looking at the specific licensing requirements for agents. There are several different types of agencies like Choice India that hire agents. The type of agency you choose will depend on what kind of experience you have and the environment that best fits your needs. 

Once you’ve decided on an agency type, it is time to start applying! You can apply directly with Choice India. We have a comprehensive motor insurance agent program that allows you to develop a steady source of income. Apply online today to become a vehicle insurance agent.