Why Parents Of Children Need A Children’s Camp Experience

With the onset of the holiday season, every average parent asks the question: where to send the child to exercise his right to rest? Active outdoor recreation with high-calorie nutrition is preferable, which ensures the development of the child, enriching his experience.

Autumn kids camp in Singapore is often the most acceptable and optimal choice. After all, parents are not only loving hearts, but also thoughtful investors. They invest in the development of children with the resources of their intellect, time, physical and mental strength. And a country camp is also a “promising investment” in its own way. Children will receive health, impressions, and developing activities. The advantages of the camp are that they take care of the observance of the daily routine and hardening, so there are fewer negative consequences. Plus, not only the body is strengthened, but also the soul: the child learns to be independent and build relationships with people.

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Why Is Camp An Important Experience For A Child?

A camp for a child is a new living space, a new very interesting social environment that leaves in the memory of the children memories of wonderful human communication. The camp is a change of impressions, a change of position in the team, a change of activity. A change in a children’s country camp is always an opportunity for mutual enrichment of the children’s social experience, a time for the personal growth of each child; further development of the creative potential of children; the opportunity to gain experience through a variety of creative activities, communication with nature; time and place free from the pressure of society, for understanding oneself; recreation and communication of children and adults.

For many parents, children’s holidays are associated exclusively with the living conditions in the camp, while the child himself is always waiting for a fun and bright pastime during the holidays. Rest in the children’s camp will be just such an event for him. Children’s camps are not only a vacation for parents, but above all, a complete children’s vacation!

Discipline And Healthy Rest

The camp is a certain institution of sociality. In its rhythm, it resembles a school. It acquires new experience, accumulates knowledge. The camp has great educational potential! It can give children exactly what they lack in school: socialization skills, rich emotional and practical experience, and elements of education. Let’s start with the fact that in the camp the child develops the ability to be among people, and to be himself. If information relations are important at school (knowledge, erudition, accuracy in completing tasks are valuable), then in the camp the ability to build social relations (sociability, practicality, mobility, self-respect) comes to the fore. These skills are developed during games, joint affairs, conflicts and reconciliations, and simply existence.

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In addition, in the camp the child acquires new allies in the face of adults. There is constructive cooperation (rather than confrontation) between different hierarchical levels of the team. It is no secret that in school, teachers and students usually often have a bad relationship. In the camp, just as often, an adult mentor, counselor, teacher becomes a child’s comrade. But communication with adults of various status and occupation is necessary for the normal socialization of a person. In our life, this diversity is clearly not enough. Who makes up the social circle of modern urban children? Parents, a teacher… The lack of examples of adult behavior that has arisen is sometimes made up for by teachers from an undesirable environment. Or TV. And in the camp, the child not only communicates, but lives for a certain period of his life next to many adults who, on the whole, represent a positive role model.