What Causes Pools To Be Green Without Pool Chemicals?

If you notice your pool is green, you may be looking for a way to treat it and make it blue. Blue water is cleaner and looks nicer. Here are some of the reasons your pool may be green and some tips to treat it.

Algae Growth

The summer months are often the time when a pool is a lifesaver. In contrast, you probably won’t feel comfortable diving into murky water that used to be crystal blue if your pool has turned a swampy green. Your pool may have a green discoloration caused by algae growing in it. Visit www.cushyfamily.com to learn more about maintenance. 

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The growth of algae can be rapid, especially during the summer when temperatures are warm.

You can take several days or even weeks to get rid of algae once it is present in your pool. An imbalance of chlorine in the water often leads to algae growth and spread.


Overnight, a mild case of algae infection can develop on a particularly hot day. As a result, your pool water takes on a murky green color instead of its usual crystal blue color.


Even a few days without checking the chlorine level can result in a green pool, so it is important to check it frequently.

How Do You Clear A Green Swimming Pool?

In order to combat the green color of your pool, you should first improve its chlorine levels as soon as you can. Leaving your green pool for too long will probably result in you needing professional help. 


Besides adding an algaecide supplement to this chlorine shock if the algae growth is severe, you should also consider adding an algaecide supplement.


When you observe how dark the water has become, you can determine the severity of the problem. Unless your pool has a heavy green algae growth, you only need one shock treatment to get rid of it.


Nonetheless, restoring a blue pool to blue might not always be as straightforward as a shock treatment if the pool has become a darker shade of green. There is a possibility that this will happen if the water appears to be a dark, black shade of green.


As a result, the pool will need professional pool treatment since it’s been left untreated for too long. Getting professional help will be necessary at this point.

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Pool service engineers must drain and thoroughly clean the pool in severe cases in order to resolve the problem.


The pool water may still appear cloudy after the algae have dispersed. The good news is that you shouldn’t be alarmed by this.


It should take 24 hours for the water to return to normal after running the water flow meters and filter for 24 hours with a pool chemical of your choice. Your pool will look stunning when it’s restored back to its gorgeous blue color, so you can enjoy the season to the fullest.


How Long Does It Take For A Green Water Pool To Clear Up After Treatment?

How green your pool is will determine the answer to this question. Nonetheless, if your pool is still green after a day after treatment, there might be something wrong with the chemical.


You may encounter algae problems in your pool if your phosphate levels are high. Pools can become contaminated with phosphate by leaching phosphorus from leaves or organic debris.


In order to avoid this problem, skimming the water consistently for debris and dirt is critical.

Tips For Treating A Green Pool

Step 1: Decrease the Pool’s pH Level

The pH decreaser can be used to accomplish this step, which is simple to do. With this, you’ll be on your way to a sparkling clear pool. Do not have a pool party until all the steps have been completed.


Step 2: Shock The Pool

It is necessary to shock your pool before it can be used as a swimming pool. Your pool is green because it contains a lot of organic matter. Using the instructions on the product, you can shock your pool to dissolve the green organic matter. If you wish to prevent your pool from turning green, shock it after heavy rain or after a lot of people use it.


Step 3: Break Up The Algae

The algae in your pool needs to be removed if you want to have a sparkling pool. It is impossible to leave even a single speck unchecked. To kill the algae, its clumpy state must be broken up before it can be killed. If you want to get the job done, use a flocculent with high potency. Don’t forget to follow the instructions to the letter. Click here to learn more about algae growth in pools.


Step 4: Remove The Algae

There needs to be a complete kill of the algae. Follow the instructions on the package when adding a high-potency algaecide to the pool water. It won’t take you long to turn your green pool into blue, and then you’ll be able to enjoy it.