Why Math is hard for some students?

A survey on teens aged 13-17 revealed that around 37% of students found math harder than any other subject. Students consider math the most challenging subject. They feel anxious or frustrated solving any math-related problems. So, if all this while you were wondering why you find math so hard? Then maybe here are the most appropriate underlying reasons for this. 

However, if you find math hard, don’t be embarrassed about it. Different students have different strengths and challenges in learning anything. Still, we have mentioned several reasons to help you identify the real problem and find ways to overcome this. 

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6 reasons students struggle with math like no other subject. 

Look at the most common reason students find math hard and then seek support from the right source to help themselves succeed. 

  • Lack of opportunities

Children are often encouraged to participate in several activities beyond their classrooms. These activities may range from scientific competitions and theatrical organizations to varied sports. However, when it comes to math, they are not given enough opportunities beyond the classroom. 

So, a child is never able to practice fundamental math outside class. It is the reason why most children lose interest and feel demotivated. In such cases, online Maths and Physics tutors can help students by offering personal attention to motivate them.

  • Subject-related anxiety

Does your child look silent, apprehensive, or refuses to go to school when it comes to math? It usually develops when the children are under a testing situation, in the classroom, or are given homework to complete. In short, math anxiety can develop due to several reasons. But, the result is that the child struggles to learn math. 

Any subject-related anxiety is difficult. However, with the right support from experts like math instructors, counselors, or online math tutors, a child’s anxiety can be addressed effectively.

  • Difficulties to concentrate and remain focused

Often students lose focus and distract themselves while doing any math-related problem. If this happens, they have to repeat the whole process from the beginning to get the correct answer. 

Furthermore, repeating the same mistakes repeatedly makes a child feel demotivated, especially when they know that they are lagging behind their classmates in the subject. 

So, whenever a child is solving a problem, it is a must to remain focused and concentrated to solve every single step meticulously.

  • Lack of understanding

Math classes start with the teacher giving a problem and guiding students through the steps to solve it. At that very moment, the children can find it easy and are motivated to do it themselves. 

However, when they are presented with a more complex problem, they conclude that they haven’t completely understood the basic concepts. Still, the child won’t let the teacher know this because of the fear of feeling humiliated about the inability to comprehend a simple problem. 

In addition, when the students are absent from school for days, these are even the typical reasons a child may struggle to cope with the subject. Some of the best math tutoring services create a special focus on such cases

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  • Lack of patience

Math is all about multiple steps to solve a problem. So to master the topic, much focus and patience are needed more than in any other subject. 

Additionally, when the children are asked to repeat the same procedural steps over and again, they lose interest. So, students must learn to be patient while dealing with math problems. Also, they should be presented with opportunities to learn the subject through engaging and interesting activities.

  • Learning disability or difficulty

No matter how conducive the environment inside the classroom is to motivate the students to learn math, some students with learning disabilities and difficulties can still find it hard. 

Different neurodivergent issues such as dyslexia, ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), or autism make learning math difficult for students. So, it is the responsibility of the parents to seek the support of special learning programs as soon as they realize their child is having a learning difficulty. 


While math is deemed tough to master, with the right skill set and consistent practice, it can be mastered. In addition, there are several ways to seek additional support to make the subject fun, easy, and intriguing for students. 

So, now that you know the actual reason behind you finding math so hard, get the right support that you need the most to succeed.