The Most Common Injury In A Motorcycle Accident According to a Motorcycle Crash Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents are becoming increasingly common nowadays, especially because youngsters prefer bikes over cars or public transport. However, motorcycle accidents aren’t only common, but they also tend to be deadly. Motorcycle injuries can prove to be deadly and extremely painful at the same time.

The most common motorcycle injury consists of the lower extremities, but also the injuries to the chest and the head. They occur more frequently than the others. Moreover, some people say that bone fractures are more common and frequent due to motorcycle injuries as well.

Here are a few injuries that motorcyclists tend to face more often, especially when in collision with a passenger vehicle:

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  •       TBI, i.e., traumatic brain injury
  •       Spinal injury
  •       Broken Ribs
  •       Whiplash
  •       Broken limbs
  •       Amputated limbs
  •       Organ damage
  •       Facial disfigurement
  •       Internal bleeding

Types of Motorcycle Injuries due to Accidents

Motorcycle injuries due to accidents have been a major risk factor to the health and wellbeing of many individuals nowadays. According to a report, motorcycles are 28 times more likely to get into an accident than a car.

One can understand the severity and type of injury through many factors, e.g., the size of the motorcycle as well as the size of the passenger vehicle and the speed of either of the vehicles. Many patients recover from the injuries more often, but some are put into immediate hospitalization and rehabilitation for a few days or even weeks after the crash.

Lower Extremities Injuries

The lower extremities injuries actually mean the injuries which are below the waist. This means injuries to the leg or the pelvis. When one is riding a motorcycle, the legs and pelvis are the exposed parts of the body that tend to withstand more impact from the accident as they are positioned that way while riding the bike. A severe form of injury in the lower extremity can also cause disability from walking, temporarily or even permanently.

Upper extremity injuries

This is the second form of injury which are caused by motorbike accidents in the upper extremity. These mostly include the injuries caused above the face. These injuries can be to the head, face, neck, as well as the thorax, and the abdomen as well. Those above 40 who ride the motorcycles tend to face major threats due to such injuries for, e.g., broken ribs.

Moreover, large motorcycles tend to cause more upper extremity injuries because they are larger, heavier, and older riders ride such bikes. Thoracic injuries are common in the age above 40 because large motorcycles tend to overturn really easily, which is obviously a risk. This is because; they take up more space on the road.

It is important to understand that up to 80% of motorcycle accidents today result in injuries, and over half of the motorcycle accidents include another vehicle caught up in the act. It is important to keep safety equipment for the sake of one’s well-being and make sure to follow traffic rules. Moreover, reportedly, these are some of the most common injuries which are caused due to a motorcycle accident.

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Leg injuries

It is more common to get injured in the lower extremities, and the legs are the most common place where one can be injured. This is because of the way they are positioned while you are riding the bike and that it is more exposed to the outer elements. Moreover, the knees, ankles, and feet are equally at risk of being fatally injured depending on the intensity of the car accident.

Road rash injury

This is one of the first types of injuries which come to mind when one thinks about motorcycle crashes and accidents. This is because the rider might possibly slide across a pavement after being on it or crashing from the bike.

A road rash is much more fatal and severe than a simple scrape or bruise which might form because of something hitting you. Multiple layers of skin being paved away are a road rash, and it is the most common in motorcycle accidents, as the biker is completely exposed.

Arm injuries

This is another injury that is really common amongst the upper extremities. If a motorcycle is thrown off the bike unexpectedly and immediately, then the Arm probably might get injured. As a motorcycle doesn’t have protections like seatbelts, it isn’t easy to save one from arm injuries.

The arms are affected by the severity level of the impact, which leads to damage, and whether any bones are damaged due to it or not. If the arm is damaged severely, then there could be damage to the nerve and upper body as well.

It is important to understand that if stuck in a major accident involving motorcycles and cars, make sure you consult the motorcycle accident lawyer in Summerville, SC, to help you through.

Muscle damage

While riding a motorcycle, it is important to understand that there is no strong barrier that separates you from the environment and elements of a street, especially a busy street. Muscle damage can be fatal or minor, but it can cause a lot of pain and can occur anywhere.

It usually depends on what type of accident a person got into and how severe pressure was exerted. If the accident was major, then there are more chances of muscle damage, which can lead to paralysis as well. Hence, it is safe to wear a helmet and knee pads to help avoid such circumstances.

Ne neck and head

These injuries are a part of the upper extremities, and they can be minor as well as fatal. Such concussions or fractures are extremely common when it comes to motorcycle accidents and injuries caused by them.

The head consists of the brain, which is obviously the most important and powerful organ of the human body, and it is also the one that weighs the most. Hence, make sure to always wear a helmet to protect it, as there is a good chance that an accident will cause damage to the head.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury can be caused by the head being damaged to a great extent. This usually occurs when the brain sustains trauma, and the head hits some object with a lot of force. This leads to the head shaking back and forth and the skull getting punctured as a result.

This is one of the most serious, major, and fatal injuries, especially if the biker isn’t wearing a helmet. Due to sustaining TBI, a person might even suffer from physical as well as cognitive deficits.TBI can be treated by examining areas of your brain through private MRI scans to diagnose the problem and undergo surgery and treatment, but it still has lifelong effects.

Broken bones and fractures

Due to the colliding of a motorcycle and a car, it isn’t really unusual for the motorcyclist to be thrown off guard and knocked off the vehicle.

The motorcyclist will obviously hit the ground at an angle that might not only lead to injuries on the outside but also the breaking of bones and fractures.

Fractures can most commonly occur in the limb area of the body, and broken bones might occur anywhere, as that is the common injury.

Spinal cord injuries

Another injury that is extremely common and is included in the upper extremity caused by motorcycle accidents is the spinal cord injury.

It is important to understand that the spinal cord is an extremely sensitive and important part of the human body, and if it is injured, it can lead to devastating results.

If the area is injured in severe, then the person might not even be able to walk at all. Such an injury resulted due to a motorcycle ride, landing on the back of the neck.

It can also occur if the motorcyclist is pierced by any object in such an area or crushed between two objects which can lead to nerve damage to the spine as well. If the injury isn’t fatal, then it can be treated, but if it is, then the motorcyclist might be paralyzed.

Injuries to the organs

Due to the motorcycle and vehicle colliding forcefully, the victim, i.e., the motorcyclist, might face a lot of damage and injuries. The damage might even be to the organ, depending on the severity of the accident.

Internal bleeding is very common when in a motorcycle crash. However, it is extremely important for it to be detected on time and diagnosed, or else it can result in being more fatal and dangerous to the well-being of the motorcyclist.


Conclusively, it is understandable that motorcycle accidents can lead to many injuries. There are some common motorcycle injuries that aren’t extreme or fatal at all, and one can easily recover from them. However, it isn’t easy to recover from a traumatic accident, whether it affects a person physically or mentally.

Motorcycle crash injuries are mostly lower extremities because the parts below the waist are more exposed. This includes common injuries to the leg, knees, or pelvis. The upper extremities are common as well, but some of them tend to be so severe that they might cause paralysis or a long treatment procedure.

The severity and type of injury depend on the nature of the motorcycle crash and what safety measures the motorcyclist was taken.


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