MOMO Full Form: What MOMO Means

The MOMO full form is different in different fields with facts. If we see food then MOMO is one of the famous dishes in China which nowadays has become more popular in other countries also. But do you know MOMO is not only concerned with a dish it also concerns music, software, finance, medical, game?  Let us not waste any time and read about what is the momo full form?

MOMO Full Form

The full form of MOMO In music is Music Of Moroccan Origin

M – Music

O – Of

M – Moroccan

O – Origin

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MOMO Full Form In Games

Full form of MOMO in games is multiple observative mimetic organics

M – Multiple

O – Observative

M – Mimetic

O – Organicus

MOMO Meaning In Games multiple observative mimetic organicus which is a video game character. It is also written as M.O.M.O. Momo is a major playback character in the Xenosaga series that was shown in the Xenosaga video game series. 

MOMO Full Form In Software

The full form of MOMO in the software is the mind of my thought

M – Mind

O – Of 

M – My

O – Thought

MOMO Meaning In Software is a free instant messaging servicing app. It is available for both android and ios. It is Owned by Beijing momo technology co. ltd. In December 2014 momo was listed in NASDAQ. In my opinion, this app is available in China only because I am unable to find it in the play store.

This app is designed for children to share their thoughts and feelings without hesitation. According to sources, this app is now going to integrate with Facebook.

MOMO Full Form In Psychology

The full form of MOMO in phycology is mystery of missing out

M – Mystery

O – Of

M – Missing

O – Out

MOMO Meaning In Psychology is that it is a syndrome to lose someone or something in life. It is a new kind of social media physiological phenomenon. It is a worrying feeling of social media users that every other one is hanging out without me and not telling me about it while they are doing it. 

MOMO Full Form In Science

In science, MOMO stands for maximum overlap molecular orbital

M – Maximum

O – Overlap

M – Molecular

O – Orbital

C MOMO Meaning

C MOMO represents chilly momo means spicy momo with lots of herbs and chilly.

Meaning Of MOMO In MTN

MTN MOMO is a banking service on mobile that allows men guinea subscribers to receive and send money to Guinea and to buy communication credits. To make payments for example salaries, bills and more 

Definition Of MOMO

A steamed dumpling filled with meat or vegetables. The color of momo will be white. MOMO is the type of east and south Asian steamed filling dumplings. Momos are native to Nepal, 

Southwest Tibet, Bhutan as well as in Ladakh (northeast part of India).

MOMO Acronym In Finance

MOMO in finance usually means “Momentum” MOMO is simply an abbreviation of momentum. An investment philosophy in which investors buy those securities which are performing best over the time period of 3 to 12 months and sell those securities which are performing poorly over the same time period.

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What Is The Meaning Of MOMO?

The meaning of MOMO when related to music is Music Of Moroccan Origin. This is the type of music that originated in Moroccan.

What Is MOMO Stock Term?

The MOMO stock term means momentum in finance. An investment philosophy in which investors buy those securities which are performing best over the time period of 3 to 12 months and sell those securities which are performing poorly over the same time period.

What Does MOMO Stand For?

The momo stands for

M – Music

O – Of 

M – Moroccan

O – Origin


In this article, I mentioned the full of MOMO in different fields like games, software, medical, music, food, etc. Now the next time when you hear or read about MOMO then you can easily understand it without confusion. After reading this article you will not get confused in momo full form in a different field. 


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