Truth About an Eviction 

In Philadelphia, there are plenty of evictions that happen every day. An eviction is a very long-drawn-out process leaving both sides of it in despair. What exactly happens when a property owner must evict a tenant you may be wonder. If you are a homeowner and this has ever happened to you, then you may be wondering is it possible to “sell my house fast Philadelphia while having an unruly tenant there”? If you are one who is being evicted, you may be asking yourself “What happens to me if I get evicted from my house”? There is a lot running through one’s mind if they are on either side of an eviction. How does this process work? If you have been lucky enough to be on neither side of this then you do not know what happens. We are going to talk about both ends of this devastating event. This can happen anywhere in the United States of America. Although this happens all over, we are going to focus on and tell you more about how it works in Philadelphia. If you are a homeowner and you are looking for a company that is will buy your house in this situation. Then you need we buy house Philadelphia company to that will purchase your home in this situation. 

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Point of view as a landlord

Philadelphia is home to an extraordinarily strong rental market. This is made up because there is so many people who live in this area. First thing you need to know is how soon should you file with the eviction. In most cases some landlords can be lenient towards a missed payment or two. No one wants to be that slumlord who is not easy to work with. Most leases will usually add additional funds for late payments per day not to exceed a certain amount. If one or more months happen to go by then you may start to consider filing for an eviction with your local court. Landlords’ majority of the time should use a lawyer to handle their case for them. I recommend you getting your lease, any text messages you have between you and the tenant, as well as another significant information to help you in court. Once you file for the eviction this tends to take several months. The court system will have to schedule you two different court hearings. The first one is to see what the situation is and how it may be resolved. If things make it pass that the judge if ordered in your favor, will have the tenant be issued to leave your house. You may hope it never gets to this point, because this cost months to do which happens to cost you a lot of time and money. Obviously as a landlord you want to be fair to your tenants if they are showing to try when it comes to being late on payments. Majority of people who rent out homes, this is a source of income for them. Having a few months where someone is not paying could absolutely affect them. Certain situations where a tenant does not pay, they may tend to get destructive to the home which may cost more money than just the eviction. You can always prevent a bad tenant from moving in by simply asking for first month, last month, and security deposit. This will eliminate any bad tenant who cannot afford to rent your house in the first place. If you are a landlord struggling getting a tenant out, then maybe looking for a company you can sell my house fast to may be your best option or even if you do not feel like dealing with the eviction process. There are plenty of companies out there that will buy your house without you having to evict the tenant.  

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What if I am facing Eviction

No one would want to be facing evection at all. If it is mortgage or sheriff evection neither could be good for you. This could be a very serious thing that would be held against your record. Once someone goes through the court to evict you then you have that on your record. Which will affect your from buying a house or even renting in the future. This is something no one wants to face. We cannot project what life will throw at us. Since the Pandemic had started there are plenty of different assistants one could apply for to help pay for rent or find some type of government money to help you survive on. There is a program right now called the consumer finance .gov that you can go to and help apply for rental assistance. If you lose your job unemployment could help you pay your rent. As a recommendation always follow the rule of never allowing your rental expense to cost you more than forty percent of your monthly income. If you stick to that rule than you will always have enough money to cover your rent. Make sure you save money, the biggest mistake one makes its to not have enough money backed into an account for a rainy day. Always stay ahead of your bills and do not spend extra money when you do not need to. We also may recommend just not putting yourself into a situation where you know you cannot afford the rent for a certain area, stick to your budget. 

Evection is never a good thing

No matter what side of the fence you are on if this process is happening to you, it is not good. Philadelphia is made up of a large rental market which accounts for a lot of landlords. Some of these Landlords own multiply properties as well multi-unit residents. Which can always call for a large problem if you get a few unruly tenants at the same time. During the Pandemic we saw a lot of Americans lose their jobs. We also saw where the courts had stopped the eviction process for over a year. This had caused plenty of issues between landlords and tenants across the city as well as the rest of America. Now that things have slowed down, and courts have opened evections are starting back up again. Just remember you can always prepare yourself for a situation like this by being selective on where you choose to live and who decide to rent to.