Leather Is Specifically Connected With Brown!

When we talk about the origin of leather from hides, we note its original color as blond, i.e., a pale yellow color, or russet, i.e., a dark brown color with a touch of red and orange. Russet is considered an equal mix of orange and purple pigments, passing out a reddish-brown color at last. But the tanning process is responsible for the initial color of leather depending on the tanning agents used. 

Man has been making naturally tanned leather since the stone age of about 8000 BC and has been using vegetable tannins (an acidic chemical compound derived from the bark of certain trees) for tanning. All the leather heritage was found as maps, wall pictures, raw clothing, etc. These all were typically found in brown color.

For instance, vegetable tanning turns the leather brown, whereas fats and oils make it yellow, and alum and synthetic tanning agents impart a whitish hue. Another type of tanning, known as chrome tanning, transforms leather into somewhat bluish-grey.

So various possible shades of leather exist in custom colors. But as we see around us, every gentleman is wearing at least four pieces of leather like a belt, wallet, jacket, and shoes. If we analyze the most common color of these items, we would know that they occupy different shades of brown.

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Why Does Leather Typically Appear Brown?

Leather’s typical color is brown, and russet is its subdivision as a reddish brown tint. You have never ignored wearing or window shopping a brown leather jacket for men. Here we have some reasons why it is found as brown:

  • Leather oxidizes itself with air when the colorless or blond color raw animal hides first come into contact with air; it will turn brownish on oxidation. There are two types of oxidation; dry and wet. The wet oxidation process produces a dark brown shade, whereas the dry oxidation causes lighter brown leather. The oxidation process is vital to judging and identifying the reason for a particular shade of brown. Therefore some tanners do not use leather dyes and depend only on the oxidation process to turn leather brown.
  • The chrome-tanned leather usually results as brown when treated with a color called ‘aniline,’ a petroleum derivative.
  • Chestnut and henna dye leather as brown. It is a type of vegetable tanning.
  • Some overused leather items get stains, and dirt over their surfaces, therefore, appear as brownish. 
  • The type of fats used to tan different types of hides like cowhide and sheepskin also impart brownish color to leather, and the type of hide tells how much fat is required for tannage. Fat-based tanning makes the finished leather secure against water affinity.

Natural Leather is supposed to have earth color as dark or light brown shades because it is an organic material. But here, we should understand that the raw colorless hide quickly starts oxidizing to show a brown tint. 

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Leather Garments:

We cannot ignore brown leather jackets for men while talking about brown leather articles as the decency and elegance of the color impart a special grace to a male’s body and even females who are mad after brown leather stuff like brown leather bags, shoes, wallets, etc. Leather is a great blessing of God, and it is widely used in many household articles like furniture, wall hangings, picture frames, curtains, etc., and you can observe that most of them are displayed in brown shade. 

Some Popular Shades Of Brown:

The famous leather articles of fashion are usually found in the following shades:

  • Walnut brown is a dark brown shade obtained by the hull of walnuts. It sometimes appears as orange-brown also.
  • Chestnut Brown is a deep brown shade with a reddish touch.
  • Hazelnut Brown is an amalgam of brown, golden, and caramel color in a red tone.
  • Saddle Tan is a type of brown color that includes dark shades of orangish brown at a medium level. It’s very close to chocolate brown and russet.
  • Russet is a brown color having a reddish touch called reddish-brown combined. 

A Mature Color:

A brown leather jacket for men is usually meant for a vintage collection as brown is a mature, dependent, and simplicity-driven color. So, we cannot erase the brown shades from the world of leather garments as it imparts serious and thoughtful vibes to present decency.

You can choose a brown leather blazer to attend a unique and sensitive occasion. The garment is full of extraordinary elegant vibes that may make you look formal with dressing etiquettes for the viewer’s eye. 

Leatheriza’s Brown Collection:

There is a remarkable collection of brown-colored leather items like jackets of all kinds as bombers, bikers, skulls, and other accessories like wallets, bags, and shoes at Leatheriza affinity. The US brand promotes 100% pure sheepskin leather garments at very reasonable rates. There is an online purchase facility with an open reviewing system for your future suggestions. The leather jackets are superbly crafted with toiled hands, and each stitch embodies their honest soul. Brown is the most wanted color among all the leather stuff here, and most items are provided with furred collars to sustain the terrific winter season in the coldest regions of the world. The brown leather jacket is a symbolic representation of clean, extolled, and mature thoughts when worn by an adult or even a teenager with maturity. 

The brown leather blazer passes out a bossy look to a master or casts a meek impression on the part of a worker. Brown is a color of steadfastness, so it can also tell your nature and mood when donned at parties. 


Brown hue is the primary color for raw hides, generally caused by the oxidation of leather and tanning with fats. The color is considered typical for leather and is widely used in shoes, bags, and leather garments. It is a mature color specially designed for vintage classics for old age people.