How To Choose The Perfect Wedge Heels

If you are a person who likes heels but wants to choose something comfortable yet preserves the style of heels, then wedge heels are the right shoes for you. One advantage of the fantastic design of wedge heels is their extraordinary balance. In other such as platform heels, the heel sits at one end of the shoe. In wedge shoes, an even base is present along the shoe’s whole length.

Wedges heels are “foot-friendly.” They are trendy and have the specialty of complementing all outfits. Another thing about wedges is, unlike other footwear, everyone can find a perfect fit. 

When selecting wedge shoes online, consider these things that are listed below:

Height of your wedge heels

Wedges are available at all heights one can imagine. It ranges from 1-2″ to a tall 4″, and guess what? Even higher wedges exist too. One common rule is the lower the heel gets, the more casual it looks. Similarly, the higher the heel gets, the trendier it gets.  Say you need a wedge for a casual day out. Denim shorts with low 1-2″ will work. 

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Design of your wedge heels

An important thing to know is that the design and style of chosen wedge shoes online always depend on your purpose. If you want a shoe that you will use with different kinds of outfits, choose a plain and simple design in neutral colors. Wedges like peep toe and closed-foot pumps are among the timeless classics in the minimalistic casual shoe list. You can make your design and crafting and select colors and patterns that suit your personality. 

Comfort levels 

Wedges are known for their comfort despite being heeled shoes. Most heels are slip-on type and are a bit uncomfortable. Wedges mostly have straps that are usually very comfortable. Wedges that are lower than the ankle make it easier to walk than those that are higher than the ankle. 


The comfort level of wedges has led them to be added to the casual footwear category. Casual clothes like jeans, jumpsuits, and shorts suit well with wedges to give a relaxed feel. This doesn’t mean wedges are casual footwear. Wedges can be used on occasions, too, like parties, weddings, or anything of that sort.

Color of your wedge heels

Most people select wedge shoes online for casual wear and the remaining break the stereotype impressively. But the most common colors and occasions exist. Bright colors are used for occasions other than a casual day out. More shiny and dazzling colors are used for even bigger occasions. Sometimes bright-colored wedges work well with casual clothing, too, like jeans and neutral color tees. 

The shape of your wedge heels

Your ankle size and leg size are essential when choosing a wedge. Block heels look better on thick legs and ankles but not so good looking on slimmer legs and ankles. Wearing block heels with skinny legs and ankle is a bad idea. 

Selecting the right wedge heels

The broader the heels, the better the stability. This is a well-known fact when it comes to choosing heels. Stilettos look tempting, and you might want to buy them. But that’s not the right shoe for you, given your legs and ankle build. You should choose wedge shoes online no bigger than 7 centimeters or lower. A platform can be used if you need little addition of height but not the next height level. Choosing the stable toe size is also helpful from the range of types available, like pointed, round, block, etc.

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Maintaining your wedge heels

Wearing your heels regularly damages their freshness of it. The occasional usage of heels being used daily is not a good idea. Keeping your shoes away from sunlight and moisture is important. Sunlight can damage the color of your shoes and moisture can damage the material of your shoes. Driving in your heels is also a bad idea. Driving makes you force your feet, which damages the heels by abuse of usage. Keep them free from dirt. Dirt damages your heels and makes them look old or damaged. 

Final thoughts

Like all shoes, wedges have their pros and cons too. Advantages are their comfort, smaller height, stability, easiness of walking in comparison to stilettos, etc… You don’t have to be too tight and be fixated on wedges or heels. You might not be the majority that finds comfort in wedges. Keep looking for the right fit.