Are Dental Implants In a Day Possible?

In the modern-day, everything is moving at a fast pace. Technology has made our lives easier and more convenient in many ways. One of those ways is with dental implants. While it may seem like an invasive procedure that takes months to complete, you can enjoy your new implant within a single day. If you have been thinking of having a dental implant but are afraid of the long period it takes to complete it; your solution is at hand. Detailed information on how dental implantation has been possible in a day will help you make a decision. You can now take a noble action that will bring out your smile within a day.

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How to Have a Dental Implant in a Day

You can walk into your appointment knowing what work needs to be done on each tooth. You also understand the reason behind recommending specific procedures over others. You will have a thorough explanation about everything during this initial consultation visit. You don’t have to walk out confused or unsure about anything as these are significant changes for your mouth. You must know enough to make informed decisions throughout the process and feel confident about the procedures.

After the initial consultation visit, you will have a rescheduled day for your surgery. This is when the work gets done. You’ll arrive in the morning and be able to walk out with a brand new smile after a few hours. We have an incredible team talented that knows what we do, so if you think of getting one day implants, we make it possible.

After this, the recovery process takes about two weeks until everything has healed. Your mouth will be back in working order again. Still, all that means is no pain or discomfort during this healing period either, which makes it even better. Once those 14 days are over, you should feel like yourself again. The only difference is that you will have an extra bit of confidence, knowing that you have such an excellent look.

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How We Make It Happen

The dentist will take impressions and x-rays to create a model of your mouth with all the teeth that were discussed during your initial visit. This includes the final replacements you want for missing or damaged teeth. You’ll receive these models within a few days. These will be sent to you to see what work has been completed. You also see how everything looks before it goes into production.

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Once our lab technicians produce them, implants go into action immediately following surgery. We’ll give you temporary crowns until yours are ready. This is when we need to be sure everything fits well before you leave the dental clinic. This is why we will not put implants in before being sure they fit well, even though it may seem a waste of time. As professionals, we know the best for your smile. It is important to ensure that everything works out right and looks great on top of that.

Once these temporary crowns are removed, you’ll be able to enjoy having dental implants within one day. These are permanent; hence, they aren’t removable. It means there won’t be any reason or need to come back in for other visits after surgery. You can expect things to remain stable. If you would like to know more about all on 4 dentures visit The Point Dental

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Gone are the days when a client used to waste all the time to see a dentist, not to mention the countless days wasted in preparing an implant. We have taken full advantage of technological advancement that ensures one-day implants. All you need is a thorough examination during this initial consultation visit. You get everything explained in detail for you to make an informed decision. When you have decided on the kind of implantation you want, book an appointment with your dentists, and everything will be fixed in a day.


There are many different reasons why dental implants in one day are possible. If you’re interested, schedule an appointment for your initial consultation today. Technological advancement in the dental field has brought revolution. What used to take ages is now possible to be complete within a single day. You will have implants a few hours after visiting the dental clinic.