Window Replacement in Ontario: 5 Tips to Save Money

Are you planning a renovation and worried about window replacement cost in Ontario? Window replacement can improve the energy efficiency, comfort, safety and aesthetics of your home. However, you should be prepared that installing new window designs is a fairly serious investment.

In this article we will give you 5 tips on how to save money on your project and at the same time get exactly what you expected:

1. Plan ahead

We recommend buying and installing windows in the off-season. In the summer season, installation prices may increase significantly compared to the winter. Also, keep in mind that at this time the installers are in great demand and have limited time to work on the project.

2. Choose an appropriate material

There are 3 popular materials for window production in the market today: wood, fiberglass and vinyl. Among them, wood is the most expensive raw material: for one wood window you have to pay $800 and above. At the same time, wood cannot boast a long service life: it quickly cracks and deforms.

Alternatively, you can purchase fiberglass structures. They can look like wood, but they cost much less: from $350 per item.

The best option in terms of price and quality is vinyl. Such windows will please you with attractive appearance, excellent functionality and wear resistance. By the way, they are very affordable: from $220.

3. Explore available models, their sizes and the type of glazing

The most popular model of window systems is casement. The average cost of such designs is $600-$800.

As an option, you can install cheaper models: awning windows cost $620-$820, single hung – $500-$700.

Also, the cost of your project can be affected by the type of glazing, the presence of low-emission coatings on the glass, and the color and size of the windows.

4. Replace all windows at once

Although you will have to spend a lot on such repairs, all this will save money in the long term.

First, the prices for such products increase every year. Secondly, the one-time replacement of all window structures is a great opportunity to ask the brand for an additional discount.

5. Choose a reliable contractor

We recommend the popular Canadian company Vinyl Light Windows & Doors. This brand works with quality certified materials and strives to provide customers with excellent products at affordable prices.

Vinyl Light offers factory direct prices and a profitable discount system, thanks to which you can get the best window replacement cost in Ontario!