Why is Science Tuition in Singapore So Important Nowadays for Children?

The pressure of Singapore’s education system on students of all ages is obvious because the country believes that its strong economic position in Asia must start with quality education and graduates. Of course, this means that students are pressured to excel in school, regardless of each child’s learning abilities and speed. For parents already aware that their children are struggling to cope with science subjects or want their children to have a head start, science tuition in Singapore can strengthen their children’s learning and skill in science.

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Why is science tuition in Singapore in demand nowadays?

Many parents are actually surprised to learn that their children are struggling with science subjects. Struggling with maths is understandable, but in science, this sometimes comes as a shock. But science, like other maths-related subjects, is highly sought in the secondary and JC levels because of the competition to enter STEM-related courses in university.

Higher science subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology require students to master complex problem solving, processes, and concepts. Sounds familiar? This is because these science subjects are heavy on mathematical numbers and solving. Getting science tuition not only gives your child an advantage in tackling science challenges, but it will also give added advantages to your child’s overall education.

A firm foundation in the sciences

Reliable and proven tuition agencies such as FamilyTutor offer both private home tutoring and online tutoring from the primary level up to junior college for all science subjects. Students with the opportunity to start early will have an edge later on in mastering science at a higher level. It also allows students to familiarise themselves early with more effective ways of learning science. This provides comfortable methods for analysing and learning scientific concepts related to the real world.

Qualified and experienced science tutors will go beyond helping students understand concepts. They are more than equipped to teach children proper answering techniques and how to accurately explain solutions.

No more struggling to catch up

Unfortunately, many students find themselves in a desperate struggle just to catch up in science classes at school. The suffocating atmosphere of classrooms with 30-40 students only makes situations worse. These struggling students will soon panic when a big examination is approaching. Thus, science tuition with a qualified and experienced science tutor gives these students more than hope: It gives them a large boost even when things seem too late to catch up.

Even students on the brink of failure get to improve considerably thanks to the extra support provided by science tuition. Not only do the students improve in their learning and knowledge, they learn practical and tremendous techniques to answer problems and concepts. In time, these students become more proficient in the subject overall.

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Tuition reinforces the student’s knowledge

Science tuition is not a method of teaching meant to replace lessons learned at school. Rather, the tutoring is meant to reinforce the child’s existing knowledge and learning covered in science classes at school. Private tutoring is meant to reinforce the child’s learning because each child has a different learning pace, something teachers cannot accommodate in a large class environment. Thus, tutoring encourages variation in learning outcomes, whether the student is a fast or slow learner. On average, students absorb only half of what was taught in a class. This is why tuition is needed to reinforce what was learned while recalling what wasn’t absorbed earlier.

FamilyTutor is committed to science tuition for your children

  • It has the highest level of satisfaction and is the most family-oriented home tutor agency.
  • We have zero agency fees. The rates you see on our website are the final price. Nothing hidden.
  • For private home tutoring, we follow all MOE COVID-19 Safe Management Measures.
  • Our qualified and experienced home tutors provide professional one-to-one tuition lessons with the focus and attention on the student’s progress and development.
  • All science teaching sessions are customised according to the student in the convenience and safety of the home.
  • Teaching sessions are meant to increase the student’s interest for easier understanding of complicated concepts and topics in science.
  • Our experienced tutors provide useful supplementary learning guides, materials, and practice exam papers during teaching sessions.   

Enrol now with FamilyTutor and provide your children with a strong foundation in science.