What to Bring To a Tradeshow 

If you are a business owner, you know that attending a trade show is a great way to market your business and connect with potential clients and others within the industry. Signing up for one is the easy part though, preparing and exhibiting are the components that take work. When you start planning for a trade show, if it’s your first one, you may not know what to bring with you. One of the first things to consider is purchasing a trade show display. But in order to have a successful experience, here are a few things that you should consider bringing with you to your first trade show. 

Marketing Materials

One of the most important things to bring to a trade show is marketing materials. These are the items that you will hand to the attendees that come through your booth and it will give them a way to remember who you are. This includes business cards, brochures, flyers, and any other printed materials that showcase your products or services. These materials should be visually appealing, informative, and easy to read for any individual. If you are able to, it’s a great idea to bring along any samples of your products that you can give to potential customers. Those who are able to see the product hands-on, are more likely to purchase. 

Promotional Items

Promotional items are a great way to leave a lasting impression on potential customers. Typically, these are items that have your brand printed on them and you give them out for free to those that come to your booth. These can include items such as branded pens, keychains, or tote bags. If promotional items are practical and useful, it will increase the chances that people will keep them and use them in the future. The longer they keep these items, the more they are reminded of your brand and may become consumers at some point. 

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Display Materials

To showcase your products or services effectively to the attendees as they are passing through, you will need display materials. This includes items such as banners, signs, and posters. These should be eye-catching and easy to read from a distance. They should also clearly show what your brand is and give an idea of what you do. If you are on a budget, consider investing in a high-quality display booth to make a strong impression on potential customers. Considering these factors, it becomes evident that attention to detail in display materials is a strategic move toward effective brand representation and communication. If you’re wondering how to make PVC ID cards, a similar attention to detail can be applied, ensuring that the visual elements align with your brand’s identity and messaging.


In today’s digital age, it’s essential to bring technology to a trade show. This can include a laptop or tablet to showcase your website or digital marketing materials. Many individuals today prefer to look at things on an electronic device rather than on paper or through a desktop computer. Having tablets or laptops is nice because you can move them throughout your booth and go to those that come into your booth. You may also want to bring along a charging station for your electronic devices to ensure that they stay charged throughout the day.

Comfortable Shoes and Clothing

Trade shows can be physically demanding, with lots of walking and standing. Especially if the trade show is multiple days, it can become physically exhausting. To help your body get through the trade show be sure that you bring and wear comfortable shoes that you can wear all day. Additionally, make sure that you wear professional and comfortable clothing that will make you feel confident and approachable to those that are attending the show. 

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Snacks and Water

Trade shows can be long and exhausting, and it’s important to stay hydrated and energized. Even if you are exhausted, you want to have things that help you feel rejuvenated to continue connecting with those that come into your booth. Bring along snacks and water to keep you fueled throughout the day. This can include items such as granola bars, trail mixes, fruit, or anything that will give you a mid-day pick up.