What laws are illegal in California – Things you must know are illegal in California 

There may be tons of laws in the United States that you may be aware of but many times states have weird laws that someone isn’t even sure about their legality. 

Many strange laws are legislated and enforced that people think are bizarre. Similarly, there are several weird laws in California ranging from walking around with a camel legally and deciding if you are allowed to wear cowboy boots in public. 

According to The Law Advisory guide, California has legislated tons of weird laws that everyone living in the state have legal knowledge about. In today’s post, you will get to know beneficial information about unusual California laws that are explicitly illegal for them you can easily get convicted of. 

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Strange illegal California laws by city


Here are some useful information about owning or possessing things in Chico.

In Chico, 

  • You cannot own a smelly animal hide 
  • You are not allowed to bowl on a sidewalk 
  • You cannot throw hay without a legal permit in a cesspool
  • It is illegal to drive the cattle herd down the street 
  • Detonating nuclear devices can result in a fine of up to $500 within Chico 
  • In Chico, kids cannot play on the sidewalk 


  • If you live in Carmel, make sure that you wear a matching jacket and pants. Because a man is not allowed to go to the office or out for any reason if he is not wearing matching pants and a jacket. 
  • If you are shortly heightened, make sure that you use wedges instead of heels. As women are not allowed to wear heels in the limits of the city. 

El Monte: 

  • Love smoking? Keep your ashtrays with you where you smoke. Because you cannot use sandboxes as your ashtrays while smoking outdoors in El Monte. 
  • The mock horse games and pinball machines in El Monte are also outlawed. 


  • If you take your kids to the park every evening in Fresno, make sure they do not tease lizards. It’s not allowed in Fresno
  • You are not only prohibited from owning a private bingo game but it is also illegal to play bingo drunk games in Fresno. 
  • The weirdest thing in Fresno is you cannot sell permanent markers in the city limits 
  • If you see a drunk driver, don’t sell gasoline to them
  • In the Fresno city park, do not disturb or injure a rock, it is illegal. 


  • The laws at Eureka show that no one can play baseball in the backyard, sidewalks, grounds, public parks, or anywhere in the city limits unless taken permission from the Director of Public works. 
  • Another law that women must be relieved of, is men with a mustache cannot kiss women, it is forbidden. 
  • No matter how tired you are, you cannot sleep in public. If you are waiting for a train, make sure to keep yourself awake. You may be fined for sleeping illegally in the public. 

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Los Angeles: 

  • Love chasing moths? Make sure you do not travel to Los Angeles. It is illegal to hunt or chase moths on the street. 
  • Regardless of the conviction, you are not allowed to cry in your defense at the witness stand in Los Angeles. 
  • Want to save some of your time? Whatever you do, don’t give baths to two babies at the same time in the same bathing tub in Los Angeles. If caught, you may find yourself guilty. 
  • It is illegal in Los Angeles to beat your wife without her approval with a strap wider than 2 inches.
  •  No matter how much you love your toad, it’s illegal to lick him in Los Angeles 
  • It is illegal for a dog to mate within 46 meters of a church.
  • Zoot suits are against the laws of Los Angeles 
  • It is also illegal in Los Angeles to complain about a restaurant through the mail that has cockroaches.  
  • At the beach, you cannot throw Frisbee at someone unless you take the lifeguard’s permission. 

San Francisco: 

  •  It is illegal to employ used underwear in washing cars or wiping off debris.
  • Elephants should wear leashes while walking down the roads in San Francisco. 
  • People classified as ‘ugly’ are prohibited to walk down the road in San Francisco.
  • You cannot store stuff in your garage other than cars
  • San Francisco prostitutes are not allowed to make a change of bills higher than $50.

Redwood City: 

  • Redwood City has prohibited their citizens to keep a reptile or a monkey. 
  • You cannot fry gravy in Redwood City


  • In Walnut, kites are not allowed to fly over 10 feet above the ground
  • Your children have to take permission from the sheriff before wearing a mask on Halloween. 
  • A sheriff’s permission should be taken before males attempt to dress like a female in Walnut. 

Prohibited actions in other cities

  • Peacocks can cross any street in Arcadia including the driveway. 
  • If your canary has lost its way in Berkeley, do not whistle to call her before 7 am. 
  • Nobody is permitted to ride a bike in the swimming pool at Baldwin Park. 
  • If you do not own two cows in Blythe, you are not allowed to wear cowboy shoes in public. 
  • If you live in Dana point, make sure to close your restroom window. It is illegal to use your restroom with an open window. 
  • For molestation of butterflies, you can be penalized for $1000 in Pacific Grove. 
  • It is illegal to shoot a rabbit in San Diego. 

We hope we have provided enough knowledge about the illegal actions in California. Make sure to know your state and local laws to prevent yourself from getting convicted or receiving penalties. 

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