What Is OG Strain?

There are plenty of hemp and marijuana strains on the market. One of the most common strains is the classic OG strain. There are many theories about where the name OG Kush originated from. One of the famous theories states that OG stands for ‘Original Gangsters,’ a reference to the old-school west-coast rappers who smoked weed in their music videos.

So, what is OG strain? OG Kush is a hybrid strain bred after crossing the Chemdog and Hindu Kush varieties. Studies show that it contains plenty of health benefits and can be used to treat and manage different mental health issues.

Below is an in-depth review of the premium OG strain including some of its health benefits.

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Growing OG Kush

The origins of OG Kush can be traced back to California. This Indica-dominant strain is easy to grow and most people who prefer to plant their cannabis go with it. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors depending on how much harvest you are looking for.

However, studies show that it would be best to grow it outdoors if you are after a large harvest. The plant grows into a huge shrub, and flowering takes around 50-60 days. If you have everything correct, you can expect a good medium-sized yield.

Effects of the OG Kush Bud

Cannabis strains are split into two significant categories: lifters and downers. Lifter strains pump up your energy levels, making you feel more active and bubblier. Downers are the opposite of lifters and are the perfect smoke after a long day at work.

Downers are used to manage insomnia, anxiety, and stress. Lifters are the right strain if you want something to make your day start with a bang. Most people smoke a lifter strain before hitting the gym to get that extra energy.

OG Kush is more of a downer strain. It is something we recommend if you are looking to wind down and relax before retiring to bed. The flavors are quite relaxing, leaving you with an aftertaste of cinnamon mixed with sweetgrass.

The premium OG strain has high CBD and low THC. Both are cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. THC has psychoactive effects that leave the user feeling ‘high.’ On the other hand, CBD is more relaxing, giving you the perfect calming effect.

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Benefits of Smoking the OG Strain

Hemp strains contain high amounts of CBD. Recent and ongoing studies show that CBD has plenty of health benefits, especially in mental health. As mentioned earlier, smoking OG Kush will leave your mind and muscles calm and relaxed.

Studies also show that OG Kush is effective at managing chronic pain. However, if you plan to use OG Kush to treat or manage medical issues, consult a physician first.

OG Kush does not have any serious side effects. You may experience dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, and a slight headache if you overdose.

Wrapping Up

The premium OG Kush strain is the best smoke if you want something to relax your mind and body in the evenings. Ensure that you source your cannabis from certified weed dispensaries in your city.