What Is Green Monday? Date & Deals

If you are an online shopper you must know what is Green Monday and what is Green Monday sale. Green Monday is a term used in the online retail industry. It is similar to the term Cyber Monday. You can find many great deals to shop on the day. There are many interesting facts about Green Monday. Below we have mentioned every detail to keep reading to know more about it.

What Is Green Monday?

Green Monday is a day in December that is the biggest online shopping day. It falls on the second Monday of December. It is the time when the shoppers have only 10 days are left for the shipping before Christmas.

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When Is Green Monday?

Green Monday is the day which falls on the second Monday of every December. It is also called as Cyber Monday 2. It is the second biggest day for online shopping. This is the reason it is promoted by maximum big and top stores like Walmart, Amazon, and Target. It is also used to extend it till around Black Friday and the holiday shopping season. Mostly the deals are posted on the websites after Thanksgiving.

If you compare Green Monday vs Cyber Monday both come after the in-store purchasing is done on black Friday. It is the first shopping day that comes after Thanksgiving.

You will be amused to see the online days records and they get greater each year. Every year more and more people enjoy online shopping convenience from their laptops, tablets, and phones.

The holiday shipping season is one of the most critical times because 1/5 of the annual retail sales occur between Black Friday and Christmas. For example, Jewellers receive nearly 40% of their annual revenue during the holidays.

What Is Green Monday: History

In 2007 eBay coined the term for a sales day in December. After some research, it was realized that the second Monday of December is the last day when the shoppers placed their orders online so that they may get the delivery on time before the holidays.

The name green day was picked by eBay for two reasons.

One the word green meant for the revenue of the company and the second reason was that the shopping online was environment friendly or you can say it is greener than the brick and mortar stores.

Apart from Green Monday shoppers are also attracted to many deals throughout Cyber Week. With services like Amazon Prime now shoppers can wait closer to Christmas too but online and can have their products delivers on time.

But yet Green Monday has many best offers like 50% to 90% off on the regular prices.3

Get Best Deals On Green Monday

To acquire the best deals you can keep an eye on the posts of Green Monday sales and deals on the Green Monday or Cyber Monday Websites.

You can also find the deals on the CyberMonday.com website. These sites have online discounts from around 800 retailers all year round and the same can be applied for Green Monday.

As you will see the best deals are mostly from the Wal-Mart website. They have more than 300 online special offers. It includes the 10 most popular deals from Black Friday and also on Green  Monday Walmart.com has the highest traffic.


What Is The Meaning Of Green Monday?

Green Monday is a day in December that is the biggest online shopping day. It falls on the second Monday of December. It is the time when the shoppers have only 10 days are left for the shipping before Christmas for the last-minute gifts.

What Is Green Friday?

Green Friday is the anti-Black Friday. It is a movement that promotes gifts for shopping that is very less harmful to the environment. This movement is called Green Friday to raise awareness about the damage that is brought by Black Friday or any other hyper-consumerist holiday season.

What Time Does Green Monday Start?

The Green Monday mostly starts at midnight by many popular retailers on their websites.

What Is Green Monday In Cyprus?

The beginning of the Lenten period, known as Green Monday in Cyprus, falls on the first Monday of Lent each year. The day marks the beginning of the religious season. Christians in Cyprus and Greece celebrate the day by eating special fasting food, visiting the countryside, and flying kites.

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What Do You Eat On Green Monday In Cyprus?

For European Orthodox Christians, it is forbidden to eat dairy, eggs or meat during Lent, and fish only on special feast days, but shellfish is allowed so this has become a Green Monday tradition. Octopus, squid and shrimp are some common and popular Green Monday dishes.

Is Green Monday Still A Thing?

Green Monday is the biggest online shopping day in December. It falls on the second Monday of the month—when shoppers realize they only have around 10 shipping days left before Christmas. In 2022, Green Monday falls on Dec. 12.

How Does Green Monday Work?

What Is Green Monday? Green Monday refers to one of the retail industry’s busiest shopping days, occurring on the second Monday in December. Green Monday represents the day many shoppers rush to purchase last-minute holiday gifts and take advantage of deals.

What To Cook On Green Monday?

Traditional foods that are consumed on Green Monday in Cyprus include unleavened sesame bread called lagana, eaten with tahini, hummus, taramas, olives and fresh seasonal vegetables such as beetroots, cucumbers, peppers and artichokes.


Green Mondays are the second Monday of December where you get great deals for online shopping for your last-minute gift shopping for Christmas.  It is the day when most people go shopping for the holiday season online. It is one of the biggest and busiest online shopping days in the US. It’s also known as Cyber Monday 2. Hope you enjoy your shopping on the day as now you know what is Green Monday

Who celebrates Green Monday

What is Green Monday?