What Is Comino?

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Nestled within the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea lies a small but captivating island known as Comino. Despite its size, this little gem holds a unique charm that has attracted nature enthusiasts, adventurers, and those seeking tranquility. In this blog, we’ll embark on a virtual journey to discover the allure of Comino, its natural beauty, and the experiences that make it a must-visit destination.

What Is Comino?

Comino is the smallest inhabited island of the Maltese archipelago, situated between the larger islands of Malta and Gozo. With an area of just 3.5 square kilometers, Comino may be small, but its allure is undeniable.

Natural Beauty

  1. Crystal Clear Waters: The island is surrounded by some of the clearest waters in the Mediterranean, creating a paradise for snorkelers and divers.
  2. Blue Lagoon: Comino’s most famous attraction is the Blue Lagoon, a stunning inlet with turquoise waters that make it look like a piece of paradise.
  3. Rocky Coastlines: The rugged coastline of Comino is a testament to its geological history, and it’s perfect for scenic walks and exploration.

Activities And Experiences

  1. Swimming and Snorkeling: The Blue Lagoon’s inviting waters offer ample opportunities for swimming and snorkeling, allowing you to witness the underwater world of colorful fish and marine life.
  2. Hiking: Comino may be small, but it’s home to picturesque walking trails that provide stunning views of the Mediterranean landscape.
  3. Boat Tours: Many visitors opt for boat tours that circle the island, offering panoramic views and stops at the Blue Lagoon.
  4. Bird Watching: Comino is a haven for birdwatchers, with a diverse range of species frequenting the island’s cliffs and shores.

Tranquility And Escape

Unlike its larger neighboring islands, Comino offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Its remote location and limited development contribute to an environment where relaxation and connection with nature are paramount.

Cultural Significance

While Comino is known for its natural beauty, it also holds historical significance. The island was once inhabited by knights, pirates, and even hermits, leaving behind traces of their presence in ruins and fortifications.

Preservation Efforts

Comino’s pristine environment is being actively preserved by Maltese authorities and environmental organizations. The aim is to maintain the island’s natural beauty for generations to come, ensuring that visitors can continue to experience its splendor.


Comino, a small island with a big heart, holds a unique place in the Mediterranean’s rich tapestry of destinations. Whether you’re captivated by the Blue Lagoon’s enchanting waters, yearning for a tranquil retreat, or seeking adventure in its rocky landscapes, Comino offers a range of experiences that cater to different tastes. As you explore its rugged coasts, immerse yourself in its crystal-clear waters, and take in the stunning views, you’ll discover that the allure of Comino lies not only in its beauty but in the serenity and natural splendor that make it a hidden treasure in the heart of the Mediterranean.

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Is Comino The Same As Cumin?

In conclusion, cumin and Comino are related, but they are not the same thing. Cumin is the spice that comes from the seeds of the Cuminum cyminum plant, while Comino is simply the Spanish word for cumin.

What Is Comino Used For?

Cumin is aromatic and nutty and is mainly used in curry powders, spice blends and savory recipes. Cumin, along with chilies and peppercorn, is one of the most commonly used spices due to its versatility. In Spanish, cumin is known as comino (in case you’re at the store and wondering where your cumin is!).

What Is Comino Seasoning For?

Used in soups, stews, and even cheeses. With its distinctive aroma and taste, cumin is the second most popular spice in the world, next to black pepper. With its strong, sharp flavor and its distinctive taste, cumin makes a wonderful addition to everyone’s pantry.

What Is Comino Made Of?

Cumin is the dried fruit of the Cuminum cyminum plant that it is native to the Mediterranean and an annual member of the parsley family. The cumin seeds are green in color, small and slender in size, with a strong, pungent and slightly bitter flavor with the ability to change any dish.

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