What Is A Trunk Call?

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What Is A Trunk Call?

A trunk call is a term used to describe a long-distance telephone call made through an operator, rather than directly between two parties. The term “trunk” refers to the physical cables or “trunks” that were used to connect telephone networks in the early days of telecommunication.

Before the widespread use of direct-dial long-distance calling, trunk calls were the primary method for making long-distance calls. To make a trunk call, a caller would dial the operator and request a connection to another location, which could be in a different city, state, or even country. The operator would then establish the connection by manually plugging cables into the appropriate ports on a switchboard.

Trunk calls were a slower and more expensive form of communication than direct-dial long-distance calls, as they required the involvement of a human operator and physical cables to connect the call. As a result, they were typically reserved for important or urgent communications, such as business calls or family emergencies.

Today, trunk calls are no longer a common method of communication, as most long-distance calls can be made directly through the telephone network. However, the term is still used in some parts of the world, particularly in countries where direct-dial long-distance calling is not yet widely available.

In conclusion, a trunk call is a long-distance telephone call made through an operator, rather than directly between two parties. While once a common method of communication, the widespread availability of direct-dial long-distance calling has made trunk calls largely obsolete in most parts of the world.

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Why Is It Called A Trunk Call?

In the UK and the Commonwealth countries, a trunk call was the term for long-distance calling which traverses one or more trunk lines and involves more than one telephone exchange. This is in contrast to making a local call which involves a single exchange and typically no trunk lines.

What Was A Trunk Call In The 1920s?

Trunk and toll calling were two alternative methods of charging customers for long-distance calls in the United Kingdom in the first half of the 20th century. The distinction became obsolete with the introduction of subscriber trunk dialing (STD).

What Is Trunk Call Booking?

Trunk calls can be booked manually but they will process by automatic IVRS only. – Reserve time call is not feasible. – PP call facility is not available. – 1588 is not an inquiry but it is meant for Trunk call booking by IVRS. – 1589 is not specific for RTC but it is meant for Trunk call booking by IVRS.

What Is The Purpose Of Trunking?

Trunking allows multiple calls to go through simultaneously, which is a must for many organizations. Although the same VoIP trunk connects all business users (both in-office and remote), the signals are sent over a single trunking link that allows each call to reach the correct destination.

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