What is 3D modeling and what is it used for?

3D modeling and visualization are widely used in the video game industry, 3D modeling tools are essential for product manufacturing and packaging, product prototyping, and 3D animation creation.

Therefore, visualization services and 3d modeling for games are offered in various cases, because these effective tools provide great opportunities for the development of various game projects. The physical and technical properties of the various game aspects must be properly evaluated before designing the project according to the set needs and configuration. In the case of creating a game project, it is worth using the services of specialists in the field of 3D modeling and visualization of the company Walla Walla Studio.

3D models are an integral part of high-quality technical documentation and presentations and are the basis for creating product prototypes. From modeling to prototyping, Walla Walla Studio’s staff can handle a variety of realistic 3D object creation tasks. All work can be performed as a single complex, which significantly reduces the time and money spent on searching for specialists and solving new technical tasks.

If it’s a game product, Walla Walla Studio will help you efficiently release a trial version of the product, before starting the implementation of all the complex works that lead to the finished software solution.

Definition of key concepts of 3D modeling and visualization

Modern 3D modeling and tools that include this concept are widely used in the video game industry because it is computer graphics that combines modern methods and tools necessary to create three-dimensional objects in three-dimensional space. You should understand the method of creating a three-dimensional graphic object. Calculating parameters is similar to drawing a three-dimensional “skeleton” or shape without details. Walla Walla Studio specialists actively use professional programs for 3D modeling, which are necessary for creating and viewing objects in three-dimensional space. With three-dimensional rendering, a two-dimensional raster image is created based on the created 3D model. This is the most realistic representation of three-dimensional graphic objects.

Areas of active application of 3D modeling solutions

The sphere of advertising and marketing. Three-dimensional graphics are necessary for the future presentation of products. It is important to draw the object first and then create a 3D model. Prototyping takes place based on the 3D model. Visualization (3D visualization), post-visualization, design development, outdoor advertising, etc. can be used.

The sphere of urban planning. With the help of effective 3D graphics solutions, it is possible to achieve the most realistic modeling of urban landscape architecture with minimal costs. Visualization of building architecture and landscape design gives investors and architects a sense of being in the proposed space. This provides a realistic opportunity to objectively assess the usefulness of the project and eliminate its shortcomings.

3D architectural visualization is actively used in industry. Modeling industrial solutions has become an integral part of modern production. With the advent of 3D technology, manufacturers managed to significantly save materials and reduce financial costs for design. Graphic designers use 3D modeling to create three-dimensional images of details and objects. This allows you to create prototypes of models and objects.

The field of video production and development of computer games actively uses 3D modeling tools to develop various game details that are presented in computer games. 3D technology has been actively used in the development of computer games for a long time. In professional software, seasoned professionals at Walla Walla Studio hand-draw 3D landscapes and character models, animate the generated 3D objects and characters and conceptualize the game space.

3D visualization is actively used in the field of filmmaking. The entire modern film industry is focused on films in 3D format. A special 3D camera is used for filming. In addition, 3D graphics are actively used to create key original scenes and individual objects for the film industry.

3D modeling and the solutions provided by 3D modeling are actively used by architects working on interior design. Modern 3D modeling technology has long been showing its best capabilities in architecture. Today, the creation of a 3D model of a building is a key element of design. You can create a building prototype based on a 3D model. A prototype can be just a general sketch of a building or a detailed model of a future building. When it comes to interior design, professionals use 3D modeling technology to help you imagine how your home or office will look after renovations or a complete renovation.

Three-dimensional graphics allow you to create and “move” animated characters. You can also create professional animated videos by creating complex animated scenes.

Key ways to develop a high-quality and thoughtful 3D model

A 3D model is created in several key stages, each of which is extremely important.

The first stage. Development of model geometry. A three-dimensional geometric model is created regardless of the physical properties of the object. The following techniques are used:

  • Squeezing;
  • Use of modifiers;
  • Polygonal modeling;
  • Using rotation.

The second stage. Creation of quality textures for objects. The degree of realism of future models directly depends on the choice of materials for creating textures. Professional programs for working with 3D graphics provide almost unlimited key opportunities for creating realistic images.

The third stage. Set the lighting and viewing position. This is one of the most difficult stages of creating a 3D model. Accordingly, the realism of image perception depends on the choice of light tone, brightness, sharpness, and depth of shadows. You also need to choose where you want to observe the object. By allowing you to see objects at the same height as a person, the bird’s-eye view and spatial zoom allow you to express your presence in it.

The fourth stage. 3D visualization or rendering. The final stage of 3D modeling. This includes improving the visibility of the 3D model and adding special graphical effects such as reflections, fog, and glow. You can use characters, various key details, scenery, etc. to display effectively. At this stage, the exact parameters of the 3D animation (color change time, brightness, etc.) are determined. At the same time, information about the display parameters, such as the desired frame rate, will be displayed. In case you need a 2D raster image, the format and size of the image are defined beforehand.

The fifth stage of post-production involves adding media files with original visual effects. The goal is to attract attention, impress, engage them, and keep them in the memory of the audience for a long time.

3D visualization technique

Rasterization is one of the easiest ways to display. This usage does not take into account additional visual effects (such as colors or shadows of objects from the viewer’s perspective). Raycasting consists in carefully tracking the 3D model from a given point. Rays emanate from the viewpoint and define the highlights and shadows of the object when viewed in normal 2D. Ray tracing. When the ray reaches the surface, it is divided into three components: reflection, shadow, and refraction. It creates the color of the pixels. The realism of the image also depends on the number of cutouts. Tracing a given route is one of the most difficult methods of displaying in 3D. In this method of 3D visualization, the propagation of rays is as close as possible to the physics of light propagation. This ensures a high level of realism of the obtained image. Please note that this key method is characterized by high resource consumption.

Numerous 3d modeling services offer a range of services in the field of 3D modeling and visualization https://techbehindit.com/technology/what-is-3d-modeling-and-what-is-it-used-for/. Walla Walla Studio specialists have all modern technical capabilities for creating 3D models of varying complexity. They have extensive experience in 3D modeling and visualization. You can see for yourself by viewing their portfolio and other work on the Walla Walla Studio website. Here, experienced specialists provide quality services in the field of prototyping and the creation of 3D models. At your request, qualified specialists can create the most realistic 3D models of the objects you need and create them following the prototype of your product. The amount of work directly depends on the complexity of the 3D modeling object and is assessed individually.

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