What Is 2d Game Art? Importance Of 2D Game Art

What Is 2d Game Art?

2D game art is a key part of video game creation. It’s the visual element that players interact with on the screen.

This includes everything from characters and backgrounds to items and interface elements.

2D, or two-dimensional, game art has two dimensions: height and width. This type of game art is often used in platformers, puzzles, and retro-style games.

Importance of 2D Game Art

The art in a game is not just about making it look good. It’s also about helping the player understand the game world and how to interact with it. Good 2D game art can make a game more enjoyable and easier to play.

This game art plays a big role in the gaming world. It’s what gives a game its unique look and feel. It helps to set the mood, tell the story, and engage players. Even though 3D games are popular, 2D games still have a strong presence in the industry. They offer a different kind of gaming experience that many players enjoy.

Let’s look at some styles of 2D Game art:

2D Pixel Art

This style uses tiny squares or basic shapes to form a component of a character, object, or setting in a pixel art drawing or digital image.

Examples of modern 2D Pixel Art games include Fez, To the Moon, Undertale, and Owlboy.

Vector Art

This style constructs images using mathematical algorithms, capturing data in the forms of polygons, dots, and lines, along with color data.

Examples of Vector art games include Steamworlds Heist, Red Alarm, The Banner Saga, and Ghost Trick.

Cutout Art

This style mimics pictures skillfully carved from paper and transposed onto a new platform or medium.

Examples of Cutout art games include Paper Mario, Sonic 4, Sega Heroes, and Don’t Starve.

Creating 2D Game Art: The Dangerous Life of Fred Case Study

Creating 2D game art involves several steps. First, artists sketch out their ideas. Then they create the final artwork using digital tools. After that, the art is imported into a game engine where it can be animated and interacted with.

“The Dangerous Life of Fred” is an Android game developed by GameMine. It’s a thrilling game set in a spooky environment filled with gruesome zombie-killing scenes.

The game’s art production, including character art, game assets, environment, gifs, Spine animation, UI, and promotional assets, was entirely handled by RetroStyle Games, a 2d game art studio.

The 2D artists at RetroStyle Games revamped the old characters, making them larger, clearer, and more striking. This includes the two main characters who are fighting for their lives, as well as the zombies and monsters they face.

Game assets and icons are essential for players to visualize important elements in the gameplay. The artists created shiny gems, candles, keys, and wads of cash to add some light to the gloomy world. The death scenes of characters are also visually appealing, thanks to the creative efforts of the team.

Just see the difference between Before/After

The game environment deserves special mention. The 2D artists created beautiful, spooky backgrounds for the characters to navigate, including a gloomy forest at night, a monster-infested cabin, and a river deck with a motorboat for escape. The atmospheric environment makes players feel like they’re in a scary yet charming retro movie.

It proves why you should use outsourcing game art services if want to create your own game.

Tools for creating 2D Game Art

Here is a list of tools for creating 2D Game Art:

  1. Inkscape: A free and open-source vector image editing software used by game designers, artists, illustrators, and web designers. It is ideal for creating 2D game art.
  2. Vectr: Although it’s a free tool for making 2D game art, Vectr is full of features not every solution can provide. It’s a simple yet powerful design service.
  3. Adobe Illustrator: A true pioneer and the most famous software for creating 2D drawings, illustrations, and artwork used all around the world.
  4. Adobe Photoshop: A popular tool for creating 2D game art, Adobe Photoshop offers a wide range of features for digital painting, photo editing, and graphic design.
  5. Clip Studio Paint: This tool is widely used for creating 2D game art. It offers a wide range of features for digital painting and illustration.
  6. GameMaker: A completely free game engine for beginners and professionals alike, specializing in the creation of 2D games.
  7. Affinity Designer: A powerful tool for creating 2D game art, Affinity Designer offers a range of features for vector and raster design.
  8. Gimp: A free and open-source solution for creating visual assets.
  9. Sketchbook: A tool for digital artists, offering a variety of drawing tools.
  10. Krita: A professional free and open-source painting program, perfect for creating 2D game art.

To wrap things up

2D game art is a vital part of many video games. It gives games their visual style and helps players understand the game world. Whether it’s pixel art or vector art, good 2D game art can make a game more enjoyable and memorable.

Remember, the art of a game is not just about making it look good, but also about helping the player navigate and interact with the game world. So, the next time you play a 2D game, take a moment to appreciate the art that went into it.