What Compensation Can Firefighters Seek Due to Toxic PFAS Exposure?

As we all know, in recent years there has been a growing concern about PFAS contamination throughout the United States. PFAS stands for “Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances,” which are man-made, potentially toxic compounds. These contaminants have been linked to various health issues, including many types of cancer.

If you can successfully prove that your exposure to PFAS led to the development of cancer, then you may be entitled to receive financial compensation. You must, first of all, file a firefighter foam lawsuit with the help of a Queens firefighter gear injury lawyer.

Let us now see into different types of compensation you can be entitled to if you could prove that your cancer was due to PFAS exposure.

  • Medical bills

If you are diagnosed with cancer due to your exposure to PFAS, be sure to seek medical care immediately. A Queens firefighter gear injury lawyer can help you to get compensation for the medical bills you might incur. The compensation for medical bills can include everything from emergency room bills to medical procedures, such as chemotherapy.

  • Lost wages

In cases where cancer develops due to exposure to PFAS, the loss of work can also be calculated into the amount of compensation you can receive. This could include missed time at work, future lost wages, and lost pensions. You should ensure that you have an experienced lawyer by your side for getting maximum compensation.

  • Pain and suffering

Another type of compensation you can receive is for pain and suffering as a result of your cancer. Based on the situation, your attorney can help you figure out the amount of compensation for pain and suffering that you can receive.

  • Loss of enjoyment of life

The type of cancer you have and the type of life you used to enjoy can be taken into consideration when determining how much compensation you should receive. If your cancer has been a source of unhappiness for you, then your attorney might recommend that you seek compensation for the loss of enjoyment of life.

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  • Rehabilitation expenses

If you have had to go through any kind of rehabilitation, e.g., physical therapy, as a result of your cancer, compensation can also be obtained for the expenses that you have gone through. Rehabilitation services are not cheap by any means, so you should ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation.

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