What Color Is Cassis?

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What Color Is Cassis?

Colors have a remarkable ability to evoke emotions, set moods, and transport us to different places and experiences. One such captivating color is “cassis,” a hue that combines the richness of deep purples with the sophistication of dark berries. Named after the blackcurrant fruit that bears the same name, cassis is a color that exudes elegance, depth, and a touch of mystery. In this blog post, we’ll explore the enchanting world of cassis, its origins, its symbolism, and its impact on various realms, from fashion to interior design.

Unveiling The Hue

Cassis is often described as a deep, dark shade that sits at the intersection of purple and burgundy. It draws inspiration from the blackcurrant berry, a small fruit known for its intense flavor and rich color. Cassis captures the essence of the ripe berry, with its tones ranging from a deep plum to a velvety aubergine, creating a color that is both luscious and refined.

Symbolism And Associations

  1. Elegance and Luxury: Cassis embodies an air of sophistication and luxury. Its deep and muted tones are reminiscent of opulent fabrics and fine materials, making it a popular choice for elegant occasions and high-end designs.
  2. Mystery and Intrigue: The dark and velvety quality of cassis lends itself to an air of mystery and intrigue. Like the hidden depths of a forest at dusk, cassis invites curiosity and captures attention.
  3. Emotional Depth: The deep and soulful nature of cassis gives it emotional depth. It is often associated with introspection, contemplation, and a connection to one’s inner self.
  4. Regal and Refined: Cassis exudes a regal quality, making it a fitting color for royalty and ceremonial occasions. Its blend of purple and burgundy conveys a sense of tradition and timeless elegance.

Cassis In Fashion

Cassis has made its mark in the world of fashion, gracing runways and wardrobes with its captivating allure. The color’s versatility allows it to be used in various fashion pieces, from evening gowns and accessories to everyday attire. In fashion, cassis adds a touch of drama and refinement, making it a choice that’s both bold and classic.

Cassis In Interior Design

In interior design, cassis brings a sense of opulence to spaces. Whether used as an accent color or as a primary hue, cassis can transform rooms into cozy and sophisticated retreats. It pairs well with neutrals, metallics, and other rich colors, creating a harmonious balance between warmth and depth.


Cassis is a hue that encapsulates the richness of dark berries and the elegance of deep purples. Its presence evokes feelings of luxury, mystery, and emotional depth. Whether adorning fashion pieces or enhancing interior spaces, cassis brings a touch of sophistication and intrigue. As you encounter this captivating color, you’re invited to embrace its enchanting aura and explore the diverse emotions and experiences it can evoke.

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Is Cassis Red Or Purple?

The fruit is small and round with red skin that turns dark purple or black when ripe. Cassis is sweet with raspberry, cherry and strawberry notes and is widely used in cocktails. In addition to its use in cocktails, cassis is commonly used in desserts and other culinary applications.

What Is The Color Code For Cassis?

The RGB values for Color Guild AC131N Cassis are 110, 65, 95 and the HEX code is #6E415F.

Is Cassis A Burgundy?

Blackcurrant (cassis) has been cultivated in Burgundy for over four centuries. But it’s not just any blackcurrant! The Burgundian black type, renowned for its deep color and powerful aroma, is the main variety, coupled with “Royal de Naples,” which helps it bear fruit.

What Color Is Cassis Red?

Porsche Cassis Red Metallic is one of the most polarizing and difficult to describe colors that Porsche has ever offered. It’s kind of a purplish/pinkish light metallic bronze that varies considerably depending on the lighting.

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