What Can A Train Accident Attorney New York Do For You?

The last thing that you planned on dealing with today was a train accident. Even so, you now find yourself in the hospital receiving treatment. While your health is the priority, there will be the need for legal services soon. Your best bet is to find a train accident attorney New York who can look our for your interests. Here are some of the ways that the attorney can help. 

Become Your Direct Line of Communication

Your focus should be on recovery, not on dealing with insurance companies or other parties that want to push you into settling for some amount that they assure you is the best that you will get. In fact, you don’t need to be talking with them at all. Instead, your lawyer becomes the point of contact for all things to do with the event. 

That means the only response you give when contacted is to protect the name and phone number of your legal counsel. After that, say nothing else. Doing so will decrease the potential for something you say to be used to undermine the case.

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Evaluate Your Present and Future Needs

Your lawyer is concerned with more than the immediate medical costs. Will you need more medical care due to the accident? Perhaps there’s the matter of lost income while you recover. If the accident leaves you with a permanent loss of ability, that will be taken into consideration as well. 

Your lawyer can identify all the ways that your life is affected by the accident, and come up with an idea of how much compensation you deserve. That serves as the starting point for deciding what sort of damages to seek. 

Seek to Negotiate a Reasonable Settlement

Given how court cases can drag on for years, your train accident attorney New York will try to settle the case. That will mean negotiating terms with the responsible party. Typically, legal fees as well as other expenses are included in the negotiation figure. The goal is to ensure that you do not suffer financial hardship as the result of the accident. 

While you may be present for some of the negotiations, it’s best to remain silent and allow your attorney to do the talking. If there needs to be any communication, it should take place in private between your legal counsel and yourself. At all times, the other party should have the perception that you and your attorney are on the same page. 

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Represent You in Court If Necessary

While settlements are often preferable, going to court is the only option if those negotiations don’t work out. You can depend in your attorney to prepare for court, ensuring that all relevant information about the accident and your circumstances make it into the court record. Be prepared for the case to take some time, but know your legal counsel is in for the long haul.

As with the negotiations, remain silent and let your attorney do the talking. There will be time for the two of you to confer in private in between court sessions. Hopefully, the case will be successful, and you will receive a judgment in your favor. 

Never assume that the responsible party will gladly provide a reasonable settlement. Retain legal counsel, and have someone who is looking for your best interests. In the long run, this one decision could have a positive impact on the rest of your life. 

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