What are the most common types of car accidents in New York?

According to the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), automobile-related injuries are the second most prevalent type among New Yorkers.

Besides slip-and-fall incidents, car crashes are the main reason for fatalities, serious injuries, hospitalizations, and emergency room visits. Knowing the typical forms of automobile accidents in New York might assist motorists in taking the required safety steps.

This article will discuss the common types of car accidents in New York.

Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end accidents constitute the country’s most prevalent types of accidents, according to the NHSA, with over 2 million occurring annually.

While several injuries could result from rear-end accidents, neck, and back problems are the most frequent. Based on the extent of the incident and whether or not the driver or passenger was wearing a safety belt, additional harm may include spine injuries or temporary or permanent paralysis.

Usually, the person who crashed into the automobile in front is considered accountable for starting the crash. The driver in front will often be entitled to payment. Still, responsibility for the ensuing crash may transfer if the automobile in front abruptly stops out of rage or contempt and fails to grant the car behind enough room to stop in time.

T-Bone Collisions

T-bone collisions happen when one car’s front collides with another’s side. These accidents are typically brought on by the impacted automobile running a stop sign, red light, or while preoccupied. Inevitably, the driver who fails to yield to the legal right-of-way or enters a junction illegally will be held responsible for the collision. According to how the court interprets the facts, the responsibility could change.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates that in 2014, these collisions caused roughly 25% of all road casualties.

Head-On Collisions

While they are comparatively rare (accounting for approximately 2% of motor accidents), head-on crashes are dangerous and result in over ten percent of all traffic fatalities. 

Head-on crashes can be caused by failure to concentrate on traffic and road signs, drunk or drugged driving, texting while driving, being fatigued, or accidentally changing lanes.

When one of the cars takes a left turn at a junction, these collisions regularly occur.

Head-on collisions are regarded as fatal.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

Drunk drivers cause numerous collisions in New York. Almost 8,947 accidents were either caused or enabled by alcohol in 2018, according to official New York State government data.

When one or more people are under the influence of alcohol and unable to concentrate on the road and other safety factors, drunk driving collisions may happen. 


New York’s streets and roads frequently see many car crashes. Although some collisions might seem more minor than others, they can all result in life-threatening injuries or even fatalities. Drivers must pay attention, obey traffic laws, and adopt safe driving habits to lower the likelihood of a collision. You must promptly seek legal counsel from a qualified personal injury attorney if you suffered injuries in an automobile accident due to the carelessness of another driver.