What are the Latest Treatments for Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition that occurs in the ears where you will notice a constant ringing or buzzing sound that will not go away. Many of us have experienced tinnitus at one time or another, such as when we go to a loud concert or use a power tool without the proper ear protection. However, these are temporary cases of tinnitus; tinnitus can be a long-term problem for some patients. 

The noise that the patient hears concerning tinnitus will not be the result of any external sound, and, except in rare cases, no one else will hear it either. Tinnitus is fairly common, estimated to affect up to 20% of people, especially older adults. It can range from being mildly annoying to almost painful. 

Tinnitus is often caused due to an underlying condition, such as an ear injury, hearing loss due to age, or even problems with the patient’s circulatory system. By treating the underlying cause of tinnitus with your doctor, you can help reduce or mask the noise, making it less noticeable. 

There are several treatments, such as tinnitus trt treatment,  you can consider using when you are suffering from tinnitus. Here are some of the latest and most common techniques.

Earwax Removal

One of the first treatments your doctor may try is to clean the ears. When the ears are messy and not kept well, it is possible the earwax can get stuck inside which can block out the normal functioning of the ear. This build-up can muffle sounds, make it challenging to hold a regular conversation, and can result in a mild form of tinnitus too. 

For some patients, removing the earwax blockage within the ear can be a viable solution to make them feel better and stop the tinnitus. However, it is best to go to your doctor and have them take care of the earwax removal. They have special tools that can get it removed deeper in the ear without causing damage to the eardrum along the way. 

Treating a Blood Vessel Condition

In some situations, the patient may suffer from tinnitus due to a blood vessel condition in the ears. If this is the underlying cause of their tinnitus at the time, then the only way to fix the problem is to treat the blood vessel condition with your doctor.

Your doctor will be able to discuss the methods they can use to help take care of this ailment, which may depend largely on the exact blood vessel condition that is to blame. Sometimes some simple medication is enough. As long as the patient takes the medication for the prescribed length of time, they can limit the tinnitus and regain their hearing. 

Nonetheless, this complication could be more complicated and medication may not be enough to resolve the problem. Your doctor will likely discuss surgery or other treatment options with you to help address the problem and make the tinnitus go away. Only a health professional will be able to tell if a blood vessel condition is the cause of your tinnitus. Visiting them for a complete checkup when your hearing fades is your best course of action. 

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Hearing Aids

It is more common for older adults to develop tinnitus compared to younger patients. While younger patients can develop tinnitus, their version is often less severe and can fade over time. Nevertheless, when you have tinnitus due to your age, a hearing aid could be the solution you need to help make it go away. 

If you are someone who has tinnitus due to age or because of too much time spent near loud noises, then a hearing aid will be the best tool to help improve your symptoms. As is often the case, your doctor will be able to discuss whether they think the hearing aid will provide the necessary relief you need from tinnitus and can send you to a specialist to get a customized hearing aid made for you. 

Changing Your Medication

Some medications you can take will cause tinnitus or make it more likely that you will suffer from tinnitus. Your doctor will look over the list of any medications you are taking to see if one of them may be the culprit. If they determine the medication is the problem, your physician could recommend that you stop or reduce the amount of the medication you take. Depending on the type of medication or the disease it is curing, your doctor can also recommend that you switch to a different medication. 

Noise Suppression

In some cases, it is impossible for the tinnitus to completely go away. You can reduce it and make some of the symptoms less noticeable. Your doctor could recommend using a few options, like a masking device or a white noise machine, to help improve it. 

A white noise machine is a device that will produce a sound that helps drown out some of the tinnitus. Depending on the machine you get, it can make static, environmental sounds like ocean waves or falling rain, or something similar. You can try to do the white noise machine with some pillow speakers, for example, to help you while falling asleep. Even if you do not want to invest in a white noise machine, choosing a dehumidifier, air conditioner, humidifier, or fan to make some noise can help. 

There are also some masking devices to choose from. These are similarly worn in the ear to a hearing aid. They will provide a continuous, low-level white noise that has been effective at suppressing some of your symptoms of tinnitus too. You can talk to your doctor about these masking devices to see whether they can be effective at handling your tinnitus. 

The Bottom Line

Tinnitus is a problem that a lot of people face. Whether they have an underlying condition, are dealing with age-related hearing loss, or have spent too much time around loud noises without the proper ear protection, tinnitus can cause many problems for the patient. A simple health supplement (Tinnitus 911) can also be beneficial with treatments. By using some of the treatments above, the patient can also see a reduction in their tinnitus symptoms!