What Are The Different Types Of Ladies Handbags?

Any collection of bags is built in such a way that it contains models that differ from each other not only in style, but also from a practical point of view. When designing a bag, always consider HOW it will be worn. The length of the handles or the “BEAM” of the handles depends on this. There are average “beam” values in cm for each bag typology. In this article, we have shared different types of handbags. These can be bought from any ladies handbags supplier online or offline.


Bags with handles / handle / belt, the length of which allows you to carry the bag on your shoulder. With a normal physique, a “beam” of 20 cm is enough. And if the upper body is full (including full arms), then it is better if the handles are a little longer, and the “beam” is at least 25 cm.

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If you choose a bag for the winter, keep in mind that you will wear it on a coat, fur coat or jacket.

A bag with short handles has one feature: when you wear it on your shoulder, the main volume (bottom) falls on the chest area. And if you have chosen a roomy model made of hard material, then it will be extremely uncomfortable to wear it! The elbow will stick out, and the bag will put pressure on the chest.


Crossbody bag is a bag with a long belt that can be worn not only on the shoulder, but also “obliquely”. The value of the “beam” is from 50 cm and above.

Initially, these bags were intended for trips and walks, it was assumed that in a small bag worn on a belt over the shoulder (or on the shoulder), the girl should put her wallet, map, lipstick and handkerchiefs.

The bag should not be roomy, as it is not customary to carry all your belongings with you when traveling. Today, these bags are worn after hours, for daytime and evening events, and on trips.

There are a lot of varieties of crossbody – from classic to sporty, and you need to choose the model that suits your needs.

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Handheld Bag/ Handbag

HANDHELD BAG / HANDBAG – models with one or two handles, depending on the length of which the bag can be carried in the hand or on the crook of the elbow. The standard “beam” is 10-25 cm. But there are models where the hole for the hand is so small that the fingers barely pass. For convenience, a long strap is usually attached.

If you prefer to carry the bag in your hand, then in terms of convenience, the length of the handles is not so important.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the shape of the handles and the material from which they are made.

Clutch/ pochette

Bag without handles. Can be attached with a long strap or chain. The clutch is older than the pouchette (English version – wristlet bag), and the latter are a hybrid of a clutch and a cosmetic bag. The clutch is worn either in the hands (with an unfastened strap) or on a thin strap over the shoulder or on the shoulder. Pochette is equipped with a thin small strap that is fixed on the wrist.

Both bags are not part of the daily wardrobe and are used “on the way out”, both are small and designed to carry the necessary minimum (keys, lipstick, phone). A clutch or a pouch is better to choose accent colors or with a print.