What Are Polarized Lenses?

Polarized lenses are specialized lenses designed to reduce glare and improve visual clarity. These lenses can be found in eyewear, such as polarized sunglasses for women, ski goggles, and diving masks. Here is everything you need to know about polarized lenses:

The Process of Making Polarized Lenses

Creating the Lens Blank

Creating the lens blank starts with an uncut and unpolished lens. This blank uses various materials, including polycarbonate, CR-plastic, and glass. Polycarbonate or plastic lenses are lightweight and impact-resistant, while glass lenses offer superior scratch resistance. 

Applying the Polarizing Film

This film consists of microscopic crystals which can be oriented in a specific direction by applying pressure or heat. When light passes through this film, it becomes “polarized.” This means it is blocked out in particular directions resulting in reduced glare and improved visibility for wearers. 

Bonding the Layers

Manufacturers next bond all of the layers together to form one cohesive piece of eyewear. This requires specialized equipment, such as laser curing machines, to heat each layer until they become permanently bonded. 

Cutting the Lens 

Cutting the lens involves shaping a plastic sheet into an eyeglass shape with specific measurements for each customer’s prescription. A machine that uses lasers and heat cuts the lens according to the specifications of each product’s style.

Applying the Coating 

The coating gives polarized lenses the unique ability to filter out certain light waves while allowing other light waves to pass through. The coating is applied using a specialized machine that adds multiple layers to each lens. These lenses are given an additional protective finish to withstand wear and tear over time.

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How Do Polarized Lenses Work? 

Polarized lenses reduce glare caused by light reflecting off surfaces like bodies of water, snow, and pavement. Glare can be dangerous because it reduces visibility and can even cause eye fatigue or headaches over time. 

The lenses use a special filter to block out horizontally-polarized light reflected off these surfaces to combat this problem. This happens while allowing vertically-polarized light to pass through. You can see more clearly without the glare in your eyes. 

Polarized lenses also offer UV protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. This can help protect your eyes from long-term damage caused by overexposure to these rays. Standard sunglass lenses only block a small percentage of UV rays.

Tips for Choosing the Right Polarized Lenses for You

Understand Lens Color and Tint

The color and tint of the polarized lenses you need will likely depend on the activities you will be involved in. Brown or copper tints could work best if you plan to participate in outdoor activities like fishing, golfing, or hunting. 

You need sharp visual acuity to enhance contrast and color recognition. Gray or green tints can be most effective in bright sunlight conditions such as inshore fishing, boating, or cycling. They reduce glare further and give a general color balance to the light to improve visibility.

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Take the Polarization Efficiency Test

Take the sunglasses and look at the reflection of objects through the sunglasses’ lenses. If the object’s reflection disappears, the lenses are polarized. If not, the lenses are not polarized, and you will notice less glare reduction. 

Keep the Frame Style in Mind

Sunglasses for women with a wraparound style tend to provide more coverage, comfort, and protection from the sun’s rays than the classic frame style. The classic frame style can provide versatility and fashion and is ideal for driving or cityscape ventures.

Check the Lens Shape

The lens shape you choose may depend on your preference and the activity you engage in regularly. Polarized lenses come in two shapes: single-lens or multi-lens. Multi-lens styles are interchangeable and ideal for people who want flexibility and convenience. Single-lens styles provide a broader field of view, suitable for driving or outdoor recreation.

Check the Lens Material

Choose a lens material that suits your needs, preferences, and budget. Polycarbonate lenses are an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts and individuals looking for impact-resistant and lightweight lenses. Trivex lenses, which are thinner and more shatter-resistant than polycarbonate, are ideal for people with a high prescription because they are lightweight and can counterbalance thicker lenses.

Buy Polarized Sunglasses for Women

Polarized lenses are a popular choice in eyewear, as they provide many advantages when protecting your eyes and blocking out the sun’s harsh rays. With their many benefits and uses, polarized sunglasses for women lenses are a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their sunglasses. Check out new frame styles to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for this year’s summer.