Using an Online Fax Service: A Comprehensive Guide

People turn to their mobile devices to communicate with others. They can make calls, exchange text messages, and communicate with groups. Why would a person want a fax machine today when their mobile devices can do it all?

Certain industries require the use of fax technology, including government and health care. Protocols must be in place to secure the information being exchanged. Fortunately, dedicated phone lines and physical machines are now a thing of the past. Mobile devices handle these tasks while storing the documents. What should people know about using an online fax service?

An Environmentally Friendly Option

Online faxing benefits the environment. Users no longer need to purchase expensive ink cartridges that end up in a landfill where they remain for over 450 years before decomposing. Each cartridge also requires up to a gallon of crude oil to make.

Furthermore, with online faxing, the need for reams of paper decreases. To make a single sheet of A4 paper, a manufacturer uses ten liters of water. Millions of acres of forests have been razed to produce paper, and this paper now accounts for one-fourth of space in landfills today. Online faxing eliminates these paper and ink impacts.

Communication on the Go

Anyone with a mobile device can send and receive documents while on the go. They don’t need to be near a physical fax machine, as the device does all the work. They also won’t need a dedicated phone line or expensive equipment. People find they have more flexibility after moving to this fax technology.

Increased Efficiency

Many people are too young to remember the days when people would stand in line at a fax machine waiting for their turn to send or receive documents. However, this was commonplace when the technology was new, and it had a negative impact on workplace operations and efficiency.

As anyone can use their mobile device as a fax machine, there is no need to wait in a queue. Documents can be sent and received at any time. The technology also increases the security of the documents.

Increased Security

When people would wait in line to send or receive a fax, they might come across documents they were not supposed to see. As privacy laws become more stringent, unauthorized viewing of documents is a major concern. With online faxing, only the sender and receiver can see the documents thanks to security measures put in place by fax providers. Some providers offer HIPAA-compliant services for those in health care, as this industry has specific requirements.

More Office Space

Physical fax machines take up valuable room in an office. Reclaim this space by making the move to online faxing. There is no separate machine, as each person uses their mobile device. This space can be used for a range of other purposes that may help the business generate more revenue. Furthermore, all documents remain on a secure server, so the parties won’t need to store hard copies. This frees up more space in the office.

Online faxing includes many benefits. However, each company must research various providers to ensure the one they select will meet their needs now and in the future. Learn more about the options available, pricing plans, and more. As there are many providers to choose from today, it’s simply a matter of finding the right one.