Unleash Your Skills: Exciting Ski Tricks to Master

If you’re looking to take your skiing to the next level and add some excitement to your runs, learning ski tricks is the way to go. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier, mastering these thrilling tricks will enhance your style and provide a new level of enjoyment on the slopes. 

In this article, we’ll explore exciting ski tricks that you can practice and perfect. Get ready to unleash your skills and experience the exhilaration of these awesome maneuvers!

The 360 

The 360 is a classic trick that involves spinning a full circle in the air. Start by finding a suitable jump and build up enough speed. As you leave the ground, tuck your knees to your chest and initiate the spin by rotating your body. Spot your landing and extend your legs to prepare for a smooth touchdown. With practice, you’ll be able to execute this exciting trick with style and precision.

The tail grab 

Add flair to your jumps by incorporating a tail grab into your repertoire. After launching off a jump, reach down with one hand and grab the tail of your ski. Hold the grab for a moment before releasing and preparing for landing. 

The tail grab not only looks impressive but also demonstrates your control and style in the air. Experiment with different variations, such as cross grabs or mute grabs, to add your personal touch.

The butter

Buttering is a stylish trick that involves pressing your skis into the snow while performing various rotations and maneuvers. Start by finding a flat section of the slope. With a slight twist of your body, press the tails of your skis into the snow while keeping your tips elevated. 

From here, explore different rotations and creative movements, such as 180 butters or nose butters. This trick allows you to showcase your creativity and control while cruising on the mountain.

The spread eagle 

The spread eagle is a timeless ski trick that emphasizes style and grace. While skiing, widen your legs apart and extend your arms outward, resembling an eagle in flight. Hold this position briefly before bringing your limbs back together. 

The spread eagle adds a touch of old-school flair to your skiing and allows you to express your individuality on the slopes. Practice this trick on wide, open runs to fully embrace the feeling of freedom and flight.

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The daffy 

The daffy is a classic trick that involves performing a split in the air. Start by launching off a jump and extending one leg forward while the other leg trails behind you. Maintain balance and control throughout the trick, then bring your legs back together before landing. 

The daffy is a fun and playful trick that adds a unique element to your jumps. Experiment with different leg positions and variations, such as double daffies or switch daffies, to further expand your trick repertoire.

The backscratcher 

The backscratcher is a stylish trick that involves reaching down and touching the back of your skis while in the air. After launching off a jump, bend your knees and lean forward slightly, reaching behind your body to grab the backs of your skis. 

Hold the grab momentarily before releasing and preparing for a smooth landing. The backscratcher adds a level of showmanship to your jumps and showcases your flexibility and control.

The rail slide 

Take your skiing to the terrain park and master rail slides. Approach the rail with confidence, align your skis perpendicular to the rail, and maintain balance as you slide along its surface. Start with shorter rails and gradually progress to longer ones. 

Experiment with different variations, such as 180 slides or nose slides, to add complexity to your tricks. Rail slides require balance, precision, and a good sense of control, making them a fantastic addition to your freestyle repertoire.

The 180-tail press

The 180-tail press combines style and technicality. Approach a box or rail with moderate speed, and as you make contact, rotate your body 180 degrees while keeping your skis flat on the surface. 

Press the tail of your skis into the feature and hold the position briefly before releasing. This trick requires balance, body control, and precise timing. Perfecting the 180 tail press will impress onlookers and elevate your freestyle skills on the slopes.


With these exciting ski tricks in your repertoire, you’ll be ready to unleash your skills and take your skiing in Utah to new heights. Remember to always practice in suitable areas and gradually progress as you build confidence. So grab your skis, hit the slopes, and enjoy the thrill of mastering these awesome tricks!