Top Items To Purchase For A Successful Kids Clothing Store

Developing your product line is one of the most exciting aspects of running an apparel business. However, it can also be one of the most overwhelming parts. 

When you start your kids clothing brand, you’ll get inundated with options and ideas for your collection of products. It’s tempting to place wholesale orders for any and everything, but it’s critical to be discerning and not overbuy. 

The key to a successful kids clothing store is to buy top items wholesale. For example, Bella + Canvas offers a variety of high-quality wholesale kids fleece that is sure to be a brand bestseller. Narrowing down which top apparel items to buy, makes everything else fall into place. 

Here are the best items to buy wholesale for your kids clothing brand. 

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Fleece Pullovers

Comfy fleece pullovers are essential for any kids clothing store. Hoodies and raglan sweatshirts are two of the most popular and profitable pieces of apparel in the US. Customers love them and buy them year-round. 

Fleece pullovers are comfortable, easy to mix and match, and allow kids to move freely while staying warm. 

There are plenty of fleece pullover options, but don’t settle for just any wholesale brand. It’s best to have an inventory of well-constructed fleece. A blend of cotton and poly fleece is best. This fabric is soft, luxurious, and durable. 

In addition, be sure to have a selection of modern, cool colors like heather gray, earth tones, and pastels. Pullovers are plentiful, so make your brand stand out with quality and modern aesthetics. 

Zip-up Hoodies

Zip-up hoodies are another essential for kids outerwear. An edgier version of the pullover, they are a popular option for older toddlers and young kids. 

Cuffed sleeves, contrasting zippers, and hip colors are must-have elements of a zip-up hoodie, if you want to appeal to fashion-forward families. 

Wholesale fleece hoodies work well because they are lightweight, warm, and comfortable. 100% cotton options are widely available, but an Airlume cotton and polyester fleece blend is better due to it’s softer, higher quality. 


A supply of sweatpants is a must-have for a kids clothing store. Parents, and kids, love fleece sweatpants, because they’re easy to put on, clean, and can handle the wear and tear of daily children’s activities. 

Sweatpants are highly profitable, because they’re unisex and people of all ages enjoy wearing them. Therefore, have a selection of toddler and youth sizes and consider keeping a more extensive inventory in stock.

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T-shirts are another top seller for kids clothing stores. They’re comfortable, versatile, and easy to clean. In addition, unisex t-shirt cuts make it even easier for shoppers to select clothing for their boys and girls.  

Choose a selection of high-quality, comfortable t-shirts that kids and adults are sure to love. Polycotton blends work best. They’re incredibly soft, breathable, and easy to customize. Because tees are so popular, you’ll probably want to keep a more extensive inventory to keep up with demand. 


Kids shorts are a necessity for the summer months. The comfortable cut of shorts give kids of all ages freedom of movement. This is definitely one casual apparel piece to buy for your children’s clothing store. 

Shorts come in different designs, fabrics, and colors. For example, denim shorts are sturdier but less comfortable than polycotton. Parents with younger kids prefer stretchy fabrics, while denim and khaki are popular for older kids styles. 

Determine your target market before you invest in a large wholesale order of any particular style. 


Every kid needs a good pair of jeans, so keeping some in stock is essential. Shoppers look for jeans year-round, making this evergreen product fundamental for any kids brand. 

Depending on your brand’s focus, get a wholesale . supply of various sizes, cuts, and colors. Young kids grow fast, about 2.5 inches per year; frequently keeping parents shopping for larger sizes. Because of this purchasing cycle, you’ll have a steady stream of customers looking to buy affordable, quality denim throughout the year.  

Baseball Tees

Classic baseball tees are a great option if your brand has a more modern, relaxed aesthetic. Parents absolutely love how adorable their kids look in a “mini-me” quarter raglan sleeve. While they may cost a bit more, it’s a shirt style for which many shoppers are willing to pay a premium

Also, baseball tees are a great option if your brand offers customization. Little league teams and clubs always need custom tees for their young players. What better way to grab their attention than by providing quality baseball tees in unique colors?


Whether matching sets or cushy separates, pajamas are a must for your kids clothing store. Fleece separates are a versatile option, which allows you to diversify your inventory. For example, fleece pajama pants can also double as comfy joggers. 

Cotton pajamas are another great option for warmer months. Look for a wholesale supply of affordable pajama separates that are also mid- to high-quality. Even though kids grow out of their clothes reasonably quick, you don’t want their growth to outlast the quality of your garments. Apparel that won’t hold up to several washings is not good for your clothing brand.  

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes like onesies, pajamas, and t-shirts are great options if your target market includes little ones. Plenty of wholesalers have an affordable selection of baby clothes that you can sell to your shoppers at a high profit margin. 

Plain baby clothes are easy to customize. Shoppers like adorable designs, holiday-specific graphics, and personalized screenprints on baby apparel. No matter the time of year, soft, cozy onesies and other infant apparel make great gifts and sell well.   

Remember to account for recent supply chain issues if you plan to buy wholesale baby apparel. New parents need baby clothes as fast as possible. Plan accordingly. Use a local supplier, and purchase a sizable inventory. As a result, you can not only meet their purchasing needs, but also build brand loyalty. It’s a win-win!