Top Brands To Launch Their Rebranding Campaign In 2022;

Top Brands To Launch Their Rebranding Campaign In 2022;

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What is a rebranding campaign?

It is a clever business trick and strategy in which an already existing brand brings some changes in its name, logo, motto, etc, or sometimes transforms its logo design to get a unique identity in the market and to compete with other brands accurately. Rebranding allows us to start a business with new zeal and fresh things.

Reasons for rebranding;

Mostly rebranding is done to get good results and to overcome bad situations created in the business due to some crisis. Let’s discuss some reasons why rebranding is done.

1-To bring impressive changes to the brand.

2-To compete with new challenges.

3-To establish a unique identity.

4-For remaining updated.

5-To catch the attention of new customers.

6-To get rid of outdated things.

7-To drag more investors into the business.

8-To become stable in the market.

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Top brands to launch their rebranding campaign in 2022;

Countless brands launched their rebranding campaigns and transformed themselves greatly. Some are given below.

1-Hot Jar;

Hot Jar launched a rebranding campaign in 2022 and created a fresh shiny logo to change its identity. Its new logo is different from the old one and has two bold waves with a name. These waves indicate development and motion. Its classic and fresh logo attracts and fascinates more and more customers who become the reason for huge sales and bring beneficial benefits for a brand that further makes progress. Its rebranding campaign appealed to a variety of customers.


A car maker brand Ferrari has changed its logo. Its cars are regarded as speedy and luxurious. Recently its logo is modern and a combination of different numbers makes it impressive. Its black color logo is more fascinating to others and is recognized all over the world. The horse on the logo is a symbol of good luck, power, and speed. Moreover, it shows the high spirits of the company. Its color is outstanding among a lot of brands’ logos.


America’s favorite coffee brand Dunkin donuts has rebranded as Dunkin and got rid of the word donut to show the company’s focus on serving coffee fastly. It rebranded to generate new customers and the aim behind it was to bring a change in a dull routine and to give the brand a dashing appearance. A Single-word name builds a dominant place for the brand in the coffee industry.

4-Tupper Ware;

It is a well-known brand for durable household items. It rebranded and created a new image or logo while utilizing fresh fonts and bright colors. The purpose behind it was to compete with others carefully, to gain customers’ trust, and additionally to give the finest look to the brand for making it innovative. The pink color with the white background looks classic and makes the brand recognizable in presence of other brands.


Domino’s second-largest pizza chain in the world decides to transform itself to gain its place back in the market or to make growth fastly. So it got rid of the word pizza and changed its logo to refresh itself. Creative logo design is simple and is recognized among many other brands. Its logo makes it different from others such as pizza hut etc and builds a specific place for it. Domino’s has availed a reputed place in presence of well-organized top brands.

Briefly many brands have rebranded all over the world for making themselves organized and well-settled plus to make growth in the business.