Top 5 Qualities You Should Look for In A Developer

Software developers working on any programming language or framework have many characteristics in common. The type of needed language is highly important, but there are also some qualities and soft skills that are necessary in order to be a successful software developer. 

If you are looking to hire a developer to help your business grow, you have to know that the biggest myth is that all they need is to know how to write code. Of course, they have to be great at it, but there are other essential qualities that are required in order to be a valuable asset to your company. The combination of excellent technical skills and great soft skills is more than desired to have a successful developer that will achieve the ultimate goals of any project. 


So, here are the top 5 qualities you should look for when hiring a software developer. 

Full-Stack Knowledge   

Whether you are thinking about what is the cost to hire Java developers or whether you should hire someone with immense experience, you may think first about their technical skills and knowledge. Of course, the software development world is changing rapidly and all the time, but it’s also highly competitive. Nevertheless, there aren’t as many developers as the global market demands.

Therefore, you should pick wisely, and to stand out from your global competitors; you should look for a full-stack developer. And don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that a developer must know everything since it means to know end-to-end. In essence, your software product often has to be made of various layers, including back-end, front-end, network, hardware, server, and database. 

So, hiring a developer with full-stack knowledge means having someone on your team that knows about the functionality of every stack, but they will also have the quality to jump in to solve issues in any phase of the development if necessary. 

Time Management Skills

Let’s take an example, you want to hire a Java developer, but you don’t know where to hire Java developer that has excellent time management skills. Well, the best place to look is a global talent network to help you scale fast since they offer developers with excellent time management qualities. The reason being is that they have top-rated software developers who know that time management is crucial to being a successful developer.    

In essence, a developer has to be a master at managing their time since every project is different, and deadlines for clients must be respected in the best possible way. They have different tools and techniques they use to manage time and split up the long working hours. 

Some of the tools include time-tracking apps to measure productivity, reviews to track the level of progress, daily and weekly to yearly goal-setting, and site blocking apps to stop distractions and Pomodoro timers. 

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Business Decision Quality

While your future software developer doesn’t need to be a master of business administration, they still can’t be totally uninterested in the business aspect. They have to know how their software functions in the real world since this can be a vital skill for developers.

Why? Well, here are several essential reasons: 

  • They need to understand the end-users clearly
  • They have to collect user feedback and work accordingly
  • Close collaboration with business teams is necessary
  • Usage of performance metrics and analytics is part of the process

In essence, senior and experienced software developers also need to take an interest in sales, revenue metrics, and overall marketing in order to keep track and know whether everything is going according to plan both for your business, more importantly, the clients. 

A Will to Learn and Grow

As mentioned at the beginning, the software programming and development world is growing rapidly; therefore, software developers have to learn and grow continuously. That’s why you have to hire developers that are willing to become better regularly.

Some of the desires include on-the-job training with options such as StackOverflow, GitHub, and many more. They have to be willing to find a solution via the many online software communities in order for them to become better. 

Furthermore, a developer has to want to enhance their performance through programs and boot camps. For instance, if they’re going to learn some specific skills such as artificial intelligence and data science, they have to attend online boot camps and courses. The traditional university knowledge is not enough, the industry is changing, and developers have to keep up with the rest of the world. 

Also, conferences and seminars can be valuable since the latest developments in any field are represented and debated at these events. Participating in such events on a regular basis brings them knowledge and a way to stay ahead of the curve. 

Last but not least, you should help them in the improvement process or hire someone that can do so since they can’t learn everything on their own. Mentorship is valuable, and having an expert mentor them through various processes will motivate them to learn even more. 

Excellent Soft Skills      

Finally, but importantly, the quality of collaboration is a critical one that makes the difference between good and fantastic software developers. Developers have to spend a lot of their time working with other stakeholders, and that’s why having excellent soft skills along with technical knowledge is essential for success. Your developer has to have a positive attitude, good communication skills, and a sense of the collaborative process that goes hand in hand with the development of the product. 

Some of the soft critical skills include leadership skills to lead from the front, critical thinking skills to think outside the box and solve complex issues, collaboration skills to collaborate with team members, communication skills to be able to clarify and explain, and empathy skills to understand the needs of the user. 

Therefore, if you are hiring developers for your company, make sure they have these top five qualities besides their excellent technical skills that are necessary. And please don’t waste any more time and start hiring right away!