Top 5 countries to study Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is a specialized field of engineering, which primarily deals with various diagnostic as well as therapeutic applications that are circled around various engineering techniques by various healthcare practices or even doctors. The major perspective of a biomedical engineering course is to learn about inventing the machine for either defibrillators or scanning that can be used for saving and treating patients.

The course is maximally related to the healthcare industry, and as a result, it has huge demand in the present society. Even the demand for Biomedical engineering has always been a bit ahead of the other engineering fields, as the thing which people these days want is care for health. And one of the biggest parts of that healthcare sector is biomedical engineering.

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Biomedical engineering is more popular and it will be more effective if you take your degree from abroad colleges and universities. The foreign educational institutes provide better opportunities, and their way of delivering education is primarily ultra-modern, and students get to pursue their degrees in a much better environment. You can access various types of biomedical engineering courses digitally via any online course selling platform as well.

However, still people get confused on deciding which country to go, to and which one will be the best for them. Well, all of them are primarily worth pursuing, but we’ll give you a greater explanation of them, to help you decide about the same. Check out the top 5 countries which are best to study biomedical engineering.

The Netherlands

You might be surprised to see the Netherlands coming first on this list, but it is indeed worth it because of its incredible programs in biomedical engineering in its existing universities. In addition to that, the faculties of institutes in this country have an extremely friendly and casual approach to educating their students, and its open-minded society makes the place one of the safest ones to continue your study. 

For all these reasons, the nation has tremendously developed in the sector, especially in recent years. Some of the top colleges for learning biomedical engineering in the Netherlands are Leiden University, Eindhoven University of Technology, etc.


Belgium has some of the best universities all over Europe, which offer biomedical engineering degree courses. The cost of living in here is lower, compared to the other educational institutes in Europe. Besides, delivering good-quality education in this subject, the country also offers various scholarship facilities to international students. 

Candidates need to go through efficient research work, and lectures from various experts as well as need to do practicals properly to complete their course in this country and earn their degree. Some of the best colleges to learn biomedical engineering in Belgium are Hasselt University, University of Liege, etc.

United States of America

Whenever the question will be about top countries to pursue education, the name of the United States of America will indeed be marked. Especially in the engineering field, the country is highly developed, and in the biomedical sector, it has great demand for freshers as well. 

You might not want to miss the opportunity to learn from some of the most prestigious universities all over the world, present in the USA unless you’re taking your degree from any website that sell online courses. Some of the top colleges to study biomedical engineering in the USA are MIT, Stanford University, etc.

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Ireland is also one of the most popular destinations to study biomedical engineering. The country doesn’t only have world-class educational institutes having international reputations, but also has high success rates generating employability for fresh graduates. Besides, the country is also the home of several biomedical companies, inventors as well as engineers of various biomedical devices. Some of the top colleges to study this subject in this country are the National University of Ireland, the University College of Dublin, etc.


Last but not the least, Sweden being one of the most popular countries to offer world-class education in the engineering field, comes fifth in this list, in regard to the biomedical sector. Besides, providing a favorable learning environment, modern studying techniques, campus facilities, and well-organized infrastructures, the country’s institutes also have scholarship programs for students coming from outside Europe. The top colleges for learning biomedical engineering in Sweden are Lund University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, etc.