Things To Do If Your Bicycle Is Damaged In A Newport Beach Accident

The result of bicycle accidents is not always severe injuries but, most often, serious damage to the vehicle itself. However, the damage’s severity might skip most vehicle owners’ knowledge, which might give way to huge repair expenditures in the future. To avoid such situations after one’s bicycle accident near the PCH, a Newport Beach Bicycle accident attorney having a detailed understanding of bicycle accidents needs to be consulted as soon as possible.

The experienced attorney will help in all future proceedings involving the insurance claim or the repairs and replacement of the vehicle. Below are some main reasons one should consider consulting a Newport beach bicycle attorney immediately after facing an accident.

Assist In The Replacement Of The Bicycle:

Insurance companies are profitable organizations. In most cases, insurance companies tend to depreciate a vehicle that has been entirely or partially damaged. A bicycle is not an exception. But with the assistance of a bicycle accident injury lawyer possessing special knowledge and negotiation skills, one can secure the opportunity of receiving full compensation or replacement without the inclusion of any further charges of depreciation.

For example, an experienced bicycle injury attorney will be knowledgeable about the safety concerns involved with the carbon frame hitting the pavement at 18 or 20 mph and retaining no frame damage. Most repair shops consider a necessary replacement of the carbon frame even if it shows no signs of damage. But an attorney can help by asking the right questions about the replacement to the repair shop.

Revive The Potential Evidence Before Repair:

During a bicycle accident, the damaged parts of the bicycle acquire some essential evidence against the case. Contacting an attorney beforehand will help one to preserve all the pieces of evidence.

In some cases, the lawyer might also recommend not repairing the bicycle immediately as the tiny details about the various damaged pieces can assist in building a factual crash report that will eventually lead to a strong case and increase the chances of good compensation from insurance companies.

Final Thoughts:

While choosing an attorney, it is also essential to ensure that the attorney acquires special knowledge and experience in handling bicycle accident damage claims along with strong negotiation skills to enter into a debate with the insurance company, thereby securing the best compensation for their clients.