The Ultimate Guide to Buying Pakistani Clothes Online in the USA

As the Pakistan fashion industry continues to rapidly grow, it is extending into the international market. Now a lot of Pakistani designers provide international shipping, some have even opened outlets abroad. To buy Pakistani clothes online in the USA, all you need is a reliable retailer in case the brand is not providing direct services. Pakistanis, as well as other people, are taking great advantage of online mediums to buy traditional clothes.   

There are just a few tips you need to follow when shopping online.   


Go for Reliable Retailers   

Make sure to extensively research the retailer you are choosing to order from. It is important to find out their reputation in the market. This could either be through friends, family, or the public. In cases of first purchase, avoid making a purchase blindfolded. Go for brands like Maria B, that are renowned for their customer service. Make sure that the brand or retailer is reputable, and then carry on with the purchase. You do not want a retailer who takes your money and stops answering your calls after. 

Know Your Style   

When shopping online, you cannot try an outfit to see if it suits you. So, instead of ending up with something you may not even like, make sure to understand your style first. This means understanding the cuts and fits that work for your body type. For example, if fitted clothes flatter your body more, or the open frocks. Are you more into traditional patterns or modern cuts? What kind of neckline is for you? Once you have these answers, it will be very easy to filter out clothes online. To understand your style, reflect on what is in your closet and what suits you most. You can even visit nearby outlets with similar options to see if a new kind of style resonates with you. 


Know Your Body Measurements   

Knowing body measurements makes it very easy to select the right size. Different brands have different sizes, even if it says small, medium, or large. Thus, one brand’s size small may be another brand’s size medium. Make sure to check and match exact size measurements instead of going for the size label. Most brands provide elaborate size charts to avoid such confusion. Moreover, make sure to take the right measurements of yourself. You can either do it yourself or get assistance from friends or family.   

Buy Two Sizes   


In case you are unsure of the size of a product, and it is running out fast, order two different pairs. You can keep the one that fits you best and return the other one. This usually happens when you are sure about the length of one but about the waist of the other. By getting both and trying them on, you will end up with a pair that flatters your body the most. However, do make sure that the brand has an easy return policy.   

Shipping and Returns Policy   

Sometimes we get so excited while ordering, we forget to read these important details. Some brands offer free shipping, while others have a standard charge. While most brands are lenient with making returns, others have a strict no-return policy. It is especially important to take note of these charges when brands are offering discounts. A lot of times, brands make up for these discounts by charging excessively for shipping or returns. Furthermore, usually, sale items are voided from the return policy. Thus, when purchasing during sales, make sure to choose a definite option, instead of running trial and error.   

Customer Reviews   

Before making a final decision on your page, head over to customer reviews and give them a good read. This is very helpful as people who have previously purchased from the brand will be sharing their input regarding the quality and service of the product. This information will help you in making a final decision about your purchase. In case there are no reviews, then the brand is probably not one to be fully trusted.   

Choice of Fabric   

When shopping online, make sure to read the fabric of the product in context. A lot of times we end up with clothes that are our size, from a brand we trust, but because of the fabric they do not look as good as we had expected them to so double check would be the good option ever when buying ready to wear dresses. This can be a very underwhelming experience. To avoid this, make sure to read the fabric details beforehand. This way you will save yourself from future disappointment.   


In conclusion, these are some of the very important steps you need to keep in mind when doing online shopping. Once you start practicing these tips, you will never purchase without ticking all your boxes.