“The Influence Of Social And Economic Factors In Personal Injury Cases”

All the victims who are struggling because of someone else’s negligence and ignorance, deserve proper compensation for their loss. Their compensation should cover expenses for their medical treatment, property damage, and emotional loss. Unfortunately, they cannot get appropriate compensation for all of their losses.

Reasons behind this are some aspects and factors affecting the total value of the compensation for personal injury claims in Arlington. If you are a personal injury lawyer in Arlington, then you would already know about it. But for a normal person going through a personal injury, it is highly valuable to understand these factors and their influence on personal injury case.

Important Factors and Their Influence on Personal Injury Cases

The following are the most important factors that have a great influence on personal injury cases:

  1. Condition of Your Injury

Your personal injury compensation depends upon the the condition of your injury. Factors like a mild injury and an extreme injury hold a lot of weight. One cannot just estimate the whole cost of the treatment. Only a doctor after a proper medical examination can suggest the cost of the treatment. It is because of the higher costs of the medical treatments and that is why no personal injury compensation can ever be settled without a proper meeting with a medical healthcare professional.

It all comes down to this one important point, and that is, that a minor injury victim cannot get enough compensation. Although his injuries are minor, still he could be suffering from trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, which could be left unnoticed, hence untreated. So, yes, a minor injury victim deserves enough compensation. It could be possible that despite his minor injury, he is still unable to commute to work leaving him without complete wages.

On the other hand, major injury victims are more likely to receive higher compensation. For instance, victims with brain damage or spinal cord injury usually receive higher amounts for compensation as their medical bills can easily reach up to thousands of dollars.

  1. Condition of the Damaged Property

There are so many personal injury claims that incorporate property damage as well, which is of great importance. Property damage claim usually involves vehicles, house, offices, or sometimes electronic equipment too. There are many car insurance services that manage both personal injury as well as property damage side by side.

The condition of the property damage really affects the level of compensation or insurance of the property. The extremeness of an accident and the bad condition of a vehicle are some factors that link with the higher compensation or insurance. And if the car is of no great value or a decade-old model, then the insurance value woul be really low. On the other hand, if the car is a 2023 model of Mercedes and it got into an accident, then the amount of compensation would also be higher accordingly.

  1. Lost Wages

After receiving a personal injury, a worker usually would not be able to go to work. Now, this is not something new, as it is normal and required for a patient to stay at home and rest as much as possible for his fast recovery. But unfortunately, because of the seriousness of their extreme injuries, they would not be able to go to work. And that is why employers should keep it in check and provide appropriate compensation for their wages.

There should not be any law supporting lesser wages just because of the incapability of an injured worker. Personal injury victims should be compensated for lesser wages as they are already going through enough emotional, mental, health, and financial suffering and traumas. Society needs to be more kind towards those who are already carrying so much burden. Employers all over the world should consider this very seriously.

  1. Emotional and Mental Trauma

The most haunting and lasting traumas and sufferings are emotional and mental health related. We can never really see that with our eyes. It is not that visible. Some people are just so good at hiding their sufferings. No one can imagine what it feels like to be emotionally and mentally wounded while being injured. And then there is a financial fall due to the inability to commute to work. All of it is not easy to carry together.

There are no receipts, bills, or records to estimate the level of grief, depression, fear of losing and leaving behind in life because of the injury, and sleepless nights. They all fall into the category of non-economic losses. Legal professionals would usually utilize a number of methods combined together to estimate non-economic losses. For that, a legal professional would take all the amount of economic loss and multiply it three times to obtain a non-economic loss. So, for instance, if a victim is suffering an economic loss of $10,000 then the total non-economic loss would be $30,000. So, a legal professional would demand around $40,000 in total as compensation.

In conclusion, personal injury victims suffer huge economic loss and to understand and thoroughly estimate it all, a great experience and knowledge of the law is required, along with proper solid evidence to make it strong. And that is why, it is crucial to get help from legal professionals so that you can stay relaxed and comfortable throughout the process. It is almost impossible for a normal person to go through the whole legal process without getting any help from a legal professional.

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