The Importance of Business Water

The overexploitation of water sources such as rivers, lakes, and aquifers is a primary contributor to the deterioration of ecological systems, which negatively impacts the economic well-being of local communities worldwide.

Nearly two-thirds of the world’s total water consumption goes toward the production of materials for corporate supply chains, making corporations the most significant water consumers globally.

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Difference Between Business Water & Domestic Water

Domestic water refers to water that is used for indoor and outdoor household purposes, including all of the activities that take place in a person’s home, such as drinking, cooking, bathing, washing clothes and dishes, brushing one’s teeth, watering a garden, and even washing the family pet.

Business water can be described as “water utilized for motels, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and other commercial facilities and institutions.” This definition refers specifically to the commercial sector of the water industry. Both publicly-owned and privately-owned systems are sources of water used for industrial and commercial purposes.

The Importance of Business Water 

Water is crucial to people’s bodies and minds in the current era. The grass and soil in green parks, recreational fields, and golf courses can only remain healthy and moist thanks to water. Without water, restaurants would be unable to provide meals or even clean up after the meals, automobiles would not be washed, and fires would have no way to be extinguished, which might have disastrous consequences. The condition of the roadways would deteriorate to one of filth and grime in the absence of any water-based cleaning program. Offices would come to a grinding halt since there would be no water accessible for drinking or flushing the toilets. Additionally, supermarkets, office buildings, and other public and private organizations would be in the dark because water is required to generate energy for lighting.

Business Water Rates

Business water rates are taxes that must be paid by any property that is not a dwelling and has one or more of the following features:

  • A connection to the mains water supply
  • A connection to the local sewerage system
  • A connection to the rainwater drainage system

Business water rates are notoriously difficult to understand because of the wide variety of tariffs across the country.

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How Business Water Rates Differ from that of Domestic Water?

The default out-of-contract business tariff for an identical amount of water is 8.7 percent higher than the rate charged to residential customers. According to the findings of our study, in 2021, an average residential property will be responsible for paying £515 year in water rates, while an equivalent commercial facility will be responsible for paying £564 annually in default rates.

When the water supply is used for both residential and business purposes, a domestic allowance may be claimed for the water supply. Different local councils may offer different amounts for the domestic allowance.

The default water tariffs for businesses are based on the assumption that a company has continued to work with the default water supplier assigned following deregulation in 2017. Every year, the default water rates go up higher than inflation.

An audit of your water usage can help you discover ways your company can cut back on its consumption and save money. If you require a more comprehensive report, you might want to think about employing a specialist to carry out an exhaustive audit for you.



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