The Future of Social is Smart

What was regarded earlier as emerging technologies are now very much the norm. The whole aspect with regard to artificial intelligence and machine learning are vastly acknowledged as important tools that drive everything that is digital. It’s not artificial intelligence and machine learning that is important per se. There is also from a social media perspective concepts like augmented reality and virtual reality that are becoming standardised. Driving this disruptive trend are App development companies that are innovative and creative in 360 video studios their service offerings. Elegant Media is a forward-thinking company that undertakes App development in Melbourne that has changed how App development is done.

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Search for App development company Brisbane on Google and the chances of you coming across a company like Elegant Media is high. Google Glass, the Microsoft Hololens, Snap’s Spectacles and Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories glasses are driving this device requirement for augmented reality and virtual reality. It is still early days. Most of these products are very expensive, bulky to use, and do not have a real world application as of now. This however will change as production opportunities and manufacturing opportunities become reality. The actual fact when it comes to a device of this nature is that it will replace smartphones in future. The current crop of devices can take pictures and videos and also display text messages including certain application interfaces.

It is obvious that wearables are the future. Garmin and other smart watches offer a glimpse of how biometrics can be of use to users. This does of course lead to other issues like privacy and data harvesting. Smart glasses will surely assist in assessing better biometrics and identify conditions like optic neuritis, and provide better health checks. This is only scratching the surface. From a social media perspective, the smart glasses will drive online marketing and offer companies a better way to access the preferences of their customers and drive their sales. This is where the real world application of augmented reality and virtual reality comes to the fore.

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Roblox and other multiverses are a marketer’s dream. The advent of NFTs and Bitcoin along with all the other cryptocurrencies showcase that we are increasingly living in a dimensional world. With a great demand for virtual goods there is no doubt that smart glasses will be a tool for such interactions with digital goods. While smartglasses may seem like a superficial and frivolous gimmick, from a real-world point of view, these devices can assist even the authorities and crime-fighting entities curb violence. This entire narrative appears as if it is straight from science-fiction, but it is very much a reality that is yet to be discovered in the near future.

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