Take A Look At The Shocking Stats of Rideshare Car Accidents in Arizona

The number of rideshare accidents taking place in the state of Arizona continues to increase. The NHTSA found that one ridesharing company accumulated over seven thousand reported accidents within three years (2017-2019). Of those accidents, around 40% caused injuries, and 4% resulted in death.

These stats are alarming and don’t even represent the severity of the problem. Further research indicates that distracted driving, driving while impaired, and driving while fatigued are some of Arizona’s top causes of rideshare accidents (and car accidents in general). The National Safety Council determined that 60% of Arizona car accidents result from distracted driving instances.

Most can say they’ve been in a rideshare with a driver distracted by phone calls, GPS, or the radio. Some drivers may even tell you how tired they are from working long shifts. With all of this said, it is unsurprising that rideshare car accidents are frequent occurrences. For a closer look at these alarming stats of rideshare car accidents in Arizona, continue reading.

Distracted Driving: Rideshare Car Accidents in Arizona

Numerous distractions can cause a driver to lose focus on defensive driving. When these distractions occur, there is a greater risk of an accident. Distractions to look out for include texting while driving, consuming food or beverages while driving, taking phone calls while driving, and playing with the radio or car settings while driving.

Rideshare drivers often engage in distracted driving, even when these actions are well-intended. For example, a driver may adjust the temperature or change the radio station to make the ride more comfortable for the passengers. Other times, behaviors like taking calls while driving are poor choices that can also increase the risk of an accident. Pay attention to your driver’s behaviors to ensure your safety and consistently report anything problematic you experience to prevent future rideshare car accidents in Arizona.

Speeding And Safety Risks

The Arizona Department of Public Safety reported that more than 25% of rideshare car accidents in Arizona result from excessive speed. Driving above the speed limit increases accident risk. Rideshare drivers are “on the clock” and want to take on as many rides as possible to make more money. Speeding is a natural consequence of drivers prioritizing their income over safe driving. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask your driver to slow down or to pull over if you feel unsafe in your ride.

Driving While Fatigued

Rideshare drivers work for hours, often on odd schedules that do not allow for adequate sleep—driving while fatigued hinders judgment and increases accident risk. Drowsy driving is the cause of 20% of accidents, including rideshare car accidents in Arizona. Be cautious of any driver who appears tired or who indicates that they are overworked or have not been getting much sleep.

Prioritizing Your Safety

Although ridesharing is a convenient way to travel, it’s not risk-free. Be mindful of the driver’s actions to ensure your safety. To prevent rideshare car accidents in Arizona, stay alert and prioritize your safety in every ride.