Study in Australia – 6 popular part-time job recommendations

Australia pays attention to the protection of the basic rights and interests of international students working, including no less than the minimum wage, no unfair dismissal, reasonable rest time, healthy and safe working environment, etc.

If the job you are looking for has any wages, treatment and unfair dismissal that violate Australian laws, you can bravely stand up and complain to Fairwork.

To evaluate whether a part-time job is good or not depends on whether it suits your lifestyle:

– Does not take up your study time, or has a flexible working time.

– It can subsidize some of your living expenses and reduce your study debt.

– Providing opportunity to develop language skills, namely improving your English.

– Providing future job opportunities. In other words, it can help you acquire corresponding job skills suitable for your career development, and add luster to your resume.

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6 popular part-time jobs

  1. Campus job

Working at your own university, such as the writing center, library, computer center, administration, cafeteria, etc., is also a great opportunity to gain work experience and meet student friends. But campus jobs are limited and competitive.

  1. Salesperson

Whether in a small store, a chain store, or a large department store, being a salesperson has to be one of the most popular part-time jobs.

It provides a lot of opportunities with international students in Australia to deal with customers, giving you more opportunities to practice oral English and accumulate a lot of work experience. If you have to say that the disadvantages may be that the salary will not be particularly high, and there are fewer opportunities for part-time salary increases.

  1. Waiters

Australia’s countless restaurants, bars and cafes provide many job opportunities for international students. In addition, there are hotels, cinemas, takeaway food stores and sports venues.

This kind of job requires good communication skills and interpersonal skills. The only big disadvantage is that you need to work at night most of the time, which may be difficult, and you need to balance your study and work time.

  1. kitchen helpers

Due to the low requirements for ability and great job opportunities, the kitchen helper in the restaurant has also become one of the popular part-time jobs for international students. Compared with other part-time jobs, the pressure is less, but it is a bit exhausting, and you can’t practice English well.

  1. Bartenders

Bartending is also a high-scoring skill and pays well. However, a high level of English is required. We all know how good Australians are at chatting and drinking. Therefore, bartenders must not only be able to chat with guests fluently, but also be prepared to deal with guests who may be drunk.

  1. Call center operator/customer service

This is a good choice for sociable students with relatively good English. It should be noted that if you are a telesales position, you may get high income but the corresponding pressure is also great; and it will not be easy in the customer support center. You not only need to have a deep understanding of the company, but also have enough patience to deal with customers questions or complaints.

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10 part-time jobs that pay well

  1. Nanny/Nursery Babysitter

In recent years, this “knowledge point” has been gradually realized by everyone: the salary of a nanny is actually really good. To start looking for a job through a professional nanny agency, you need to have certain children-related work, experience and qualifications in early childhood education, and fluent English. It will be easier to land a job offer if you have a referral from a parent you have worked with before.

  1. Mail deliverer

A postman’s job is simple—follow routes, deliver incoming packages, and retrieve outgoing mail. The job content is not difficult, but it is very likely that you will need to work on weekends or work in the evening shift.

  1. Delivery person

For those who like to drive or have good driving skills, in addition to delivering letters, express delivery is also a good choice. The income of express delivery staff is actually good.

  1. Driver

If you have your own vehicle, a valid driver’s license, a perfect driving history and enjoy driving and exploring different places, then a part-time job as a private driver is a perfect job, such as signing up as an Uber driver or a part-time company driver.

  1. Personal trainer

If you are a health freak and fitness enthusiast looking to help people change their lifestyles, then the job of a personal trainer is for you! Take action now, participate in relevant training and obtain qualification certificates. And today’s personal trainers can also work remotely, offer online tutorials, and be more flexible.

  1. Cleaner

It may be hard to believe, but cleaning is one of the highest paid part-time jobs in Australia. Not only is the salary good, the working hours are flexible, and no high level of English is required. There are also many employment opportunities for cleaners, such as joining a cleaning company and finding jobs in private houses, hotels, restaurants and other places.

  1. Freelancer

If you plan to own your own business at any point in the future and you have a skill set, signing up as a freelancer now is the perfect time to do it. The more popular freelance jobs now include corporate customer service assistants, self-media writing, social media operations, graphic design, web development, dubbing, data entry, etc.

  1. Tutor

According to the subjects you are good at, such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, Chinese, etc., or your expertise, such as piano, guitar, drum kit, etc., you can become an after-school or hobby class tutor. The high income and flexible class time are very suitable for international students.

  1. Pharmacy Assistants /Beauty Assistants

Many pharmacy assistants said that this job is great. Although the workflow is a bit boring, it is not as cost-effective as it is. Pharmacy assistants do not require relevant work experience. If you are interested, several large pharmacies in Australia are worth trying.

  1. Receptionist

Receptionist is an indispensable role in the company, and as a part-time job, the receptionist has the opportunity to learn a lot of relevant knowledge in the company, accumulate solid work experience, and even have the opportunity to stay in the company after graduation.

These are the first choice for international students to work part-time in Australia. Part-time jobs allow you to earn part of your living expenses and at the same time allow you to accumulate some work experience, which is very worth trying. But remember, the main purpose of your study abroad in Australia is to study, do not delay your study because of part-time job. 

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