Six Creative ways of marketing your tech startup

You may be a pro at developing successful business plans and launching a startup. Still, it’s a whole new game when it comes to marketing. From brand building to promoting your services, marketing is one of the core pillars of every business, especially for startups. 

The right marketing strategy can be a gamechanger for your tech startup because you’ll need every ounce of creativity to stand out in the competitive market. 

While many startups may resort to traditional marketing methods, undoubtedly still effective, there are other creative ways to launch your business. 

Let’s look at the following marketing tips that will do wonders for your tech startup. 

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  1. Take influencers onboard: 

It’s hard to ignore a product when celebrities and influencers like Kylie Jenner posts about them. Today’s power of content creators and influencers is unmatchable because these people know exactly how to engage the audience. 

Today, every big or small business considers teaming up with influencers to increase brand awareness one of the best marketing moves. The general audience isn’t always readily drawn to tech, especially if it is service-based. 

This is where influencers from the right niche can close the gap between your business and the audience through interaction, promotion, and awareness. As of now, the technology industry utilizes only 42% of influencer marketing for promotions. 

  1. Adhere to exclusivity: 

How ironic is that exclusivity is a common demand among the masses? Let’s take an example of something as common as self-storages. 

When it comes to self storage marketing strategies, you have to create diverse audiences with specific interests to zero into their attention span if you want the wheels to move. 

Talk about exclusivity. You need to make people believe that they are one of the few lucky people using your product. 

Your tactic should make people hear about your business exclusively as a tech startup. One of the best ways to add that exclusivity element is to give the right people and influencers access to your site’s beta version. 

Making their product exclusive by allowing people with invitations only to access their product, startups like PayPal and Slack made the most of this strategy. 

  1. Enhance your visibility with stickers:

Marketing is all about initiating engagement and building identity. Taking a creative turn doesn’t always mean doing something complicated. 

Sometimes, free and straightforward marketing like bumper stickers can make a massive difference for your business. 

As a tech startup, you must pay extra attention to how you represent your business, such as logos, designs, and names. 

It’s hard to believe brands like Apple or Samsung need any marketing, but they have their brand’s logo on every visible product like phones and computers. 

You can do the same by cashing in on free marketing by displaying your stickers on appropriate equipment, shops, markets, phones, water bottles, etc. 

  1. Go for a referral program:

Nothing beats your belief in the person’s word your trust, especially when they recommend you something. 

Personally, people who have zero interest in gadgets and tech are highly dependent on people’s tech-savvy recommendations. 

Therefore, referral marketing should be on your marketing strategy list to promote your business through advocates. 

Word-of-mouth is everything in today’s social media-dominated world because it can take a single review from a highly popular influencer, and it can make or break your business. 

However, as a tech startup, you can depend on the basics of personal referrals. To make a difference, you need a foolproof referral plan that includes sources such as past or present customers, advocates, vendors, industry leaders, etc. 

Instead of starting from scratch, you can use tools like Ambassador for referral programs. 

  1. Indulge in AI marketing: 

You must be wondering how this odd combination came to be? For starters, AI in marketing is a technique that uses customer data to predict the target audience’s spending pattern, which further enhances the customer experience. 

Sounds familiar? Yes, tech giants like Facebook already use customer data to show relevant ads and suggestions. A tech startup can benefit from in-depth data insights and convert simple visitors into potential customers. 

Why AI? Because it backs you on taking advantage of personalized advertising, analyzing a huge amount of data, and helps with digital marketing. 

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  1. Benefit from video marketing: 

Some people love to read almost everything in the tech world, while others prefer to watch and listen. So, instead of missing out on a huge chunk of the audience by solely focusing on written content, you should take advantage of video marketing as a tech startup. 

For example, the public understands how flawless businesses tend to show their products in pictures and videos. So, they are likely to go on YouTube and find a review video that educates them about the reality of that product or service. 

This is where video marketing helps engage users and offers them insights into their product in a way that a blog can’t. 

There’s a huge opportunity for video marketing now as more than 50% of buyers look for product-related videos before purchasing. 


Every business and startup’s biggest arsenal is marketing. There’s no point wasting your efforts to make your business a success if you don’t have a sound marketing strategy. 

While a few timeless strategies will yield favorable results most of the time, the world is moving towards even more creative ways to spice up the competition. 

As a new tech startup, you need all the marketing juice you can get, and the creative ways we’ve just discussed will give you the edge you need.