Rochester personal injury: Ask the right questions when looking for lawyers

Car crashes, premise liability claims, medical malpractice, dog bites – There are several reasons you may need to file an injury claim in Rochester. Instead of dealing with the situation alone, consider seeking legal help from an expert. The legal process is complex, and insurance companies are unlikely to cooperate. You need to have an advocate fighting for your interests. If you are looking for a Rochester personal injury lawyer, here are some questions to ask.

“What’s your assessment of my claim?”

As a client, you need to know your legal options and whether your claim is worth fighting for. The best law firms in the city will not charge a fee to evaluate your case, and it is best to ask your lawyer about their assessment of the evidence and circumstances. Sometimes, if a client has suffered minor injuries, the lawyer may advise accepting the insurance offer, while in other situations, they may choose to fight the legal battle.

“How much will it cost to hire you?”

An injury lawyer is expected to work without an upfront fee. In exchange, they get a fixed percentage of the settlement. Knowing the costs and related aspects of the case is always a good idea. Top injury lawyers in Rochester take anywhere between 30% to 40% of the final settlement, but a lot depends on whether the case involves considerable work. There are other expenses that you may have to pay for, and you need to discuss the details with the lawyer.

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“Have you ever been to court?”

Most injury lawsuits settle, but there are always situations when negotiations don’t go through as expected. When you look for injury lawyers, discuss their trial expertise. When essential, a lawyer should be able to represent the matter in court and have the skills to argue in your favor. Not all attorneys know about trials.

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“How can we communicate further?”

While it can take several months to recover a settlement for your injury claim, you should be in touch with your attorney. Usually, law firms have a team in place to handle client communication, and you must ask for details. Also, ask the attorney whether they will update you on new information or if you can drop by to get more details.

Don’t hire an injury lawyer just because they are available. Expertise and work profile are two aspects that you must consider over everything else.

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