Record Last 30 Seconds On PC [3 Mins Guide]

Zoom meetings have gone mainstream with the steep growth in remote work. Today, you don’t need to converge to hold official meetings. Simply install the Zoom app on your device, start a meeting, share the link with your team, and you’re all set. Also, with the availability of screen recorders, you can capture salient points mentioned in the meeting. But then, there’s a challenge here! Zoom designed its interface such that participants cannot join a meeting except with the host’s permission. Well, you can call that an old story now because this article reveals how to record zoom meeting without permission. At the end of this read, you’ll be able to record the last 30 seconds of your zoom meeting on PC. 

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How To Record Last 30 Seconds On PC: Xbox Game Bar 

Xbox Game bar is a recording program in Windows 10 and 11, designed to record your live gameplay on your PC. However, aside from games, the Xbox Game bar can capture other activities, including zoom meetings. 

To clip on PC with Xbox: 

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  • Click “Record” (the red circle) to start a clip. 
  • Click Stop Recording (the square) to end it. 
  • Edit the clip to suit your preference. 

To edit a clip, open the Xbox app by selecting the Xbox button and then selecting Captures. Use the editing features to edit your clip. The challenge with the Xbox Game bar is that it does not give you the best experience because its video and audio quality are not up to par. In addition, only the host is allowed to record meetings in Zoom. If these don’t sit well with you, you can record the session with alternative software. 

How To Record Last 30 Seconds On PC Without Permission 

If you cannot obtain permission from the host of a Zoom meeting to make a recording, there is a smart way to clip on PC: use an external screen recorder. iTop screen recorder is a free professional screen recorder for PC. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clip on PC with an iTop screen recorder: 

Step 1: Download the iTop screen recorder

Download iTop Screen Recorder from the iTopvpn website and install it on your computer. 

Step 2: Adjust the capture parameters 

To customize the recording parameters to suit your preferences, click the Options button and then the cog icon. This takes you to a setting page where you could tweak settings according to your taste. However, you can skip this step if you need just a simple recording. 

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Step 3: Record your Zoom webinar 

Select the area you want to record and click the Rec button to start recording. Click stop when the recording is over. If you want to grab screen captures, use the Screenshot icon. 

Step 4: Edit and save your clips on the PC 

Use the screen recorder’s native video editor to trim your video and save the video to your device afterward. 


Technology seeks to improve the quality of life so that with the right gadget you can perform certain activities seamlessly. iTop VPN has improved its screen recorder (Online screen recorder and desktop screen recorder)to make it suitable for various functionalities. Now, it’s easy and free to clip on PC.