Prepaid SIM Cards For the Mobilnet I Norge

If you are visiting Norway for only a short stay and do not wish to commit to a contract, prepaid SIM cards offer extensive coverage, fast mobile data speeds and affordable monthly charges.

Mycall Norway (formerly Lebara) is an MVNO that runs on Telia Norway’s network and offers 2G, 4G, 5G plans including EU/EEA roaming without surcharges within their packages for 2G users in Norway and 5G plans offering coverage across Europe including UK locations.


Telenor is one of Norway’s premier providers of mobile services, providing mobile, fixed line telephony and broadband Internet access as well as cable television access and content. 

Telenor is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and operates under its primary goal: connecting people to what matters to them most. Employing over 180 million people annually worldwide with revenues surpassing $12 billion each year, Telenor has over $12 billion annual revenues.

Ookla tests showed that Norway’s mobile network is among the world’s fastest, with 4G speeds more than double their competitors’. You can click here for more information. This new network was created to meet increasing demands for high-bandwidth applications like video streaming, cloud services, and artificial intelligence.

Norwegian telecom giant Telenor recently conducted a successful trial of an experimental Internet of Things (IoT) offering called Telenor Start IoT. This service aims to promote entrepreneurial spirit and foster innovation while strengthening national competitiveness while building essential, future-proof competencies.

Telenor is using SAS Customer Intelligence to facilitate data-driven decision making in an increasingly complex environment. They have implemented SAS Viya on Microsoft Azure as part of their analytics and AI initiatives and integrated this platform with core CRM/customer care applications in order to enhance customer experiences.

All Norwegian telecom operators are legally obliged to disclose customer information such as names, dates of birth and addresses to catalog and directory enquiry services unless customers opt out. 

While this requirement has existed for many years now, consumers often are not aware that these companies can use their personal data for marketing purposes as part of this legal requirement; some are even licensed to share it with other telecom providers for cross-marketing activities.


Telia provides the best option for mobile data in Norway for travelers and residents. Their prepaid SIM cards offer free EU roaming, up to 65GB of data, unlimited calls and texts. In addition, there is also an unlimited data plan that costs 20 NOK per day that gives access to Telia’s robust network.

When searching for a mobile service provider, you may want to find one that has a long track record of satisfied customers. Telia has been active in the mobilnett i Norge since deregulation, when they launched their first mobile network in 1998. Telia currently offers broadband, telecommunications and mobile networks.

Telia’s new broadband service will allow it to compete effectively in Norway’s broadband market and increase the quality of its mobile and fixed-line services. Furthermore, Telia plans on rolling out 5G across Norway by 2023 in order to optimize existing network performance as well as introduce innovative services tailored specifically for Norwegians.


Norway is widely known for its extensive mobile network coverage, even in remote mountainous regions or fjords. Recently, however, they have made headlines as leaders in mobile broadband with download speeds surpassing 178 Mbps – more than double what South Korea can offer as an average download speed!

When traveling to Norway, make sure your mobile device is compatible with its telecommunication networks. GSM technology (99% of phones support it these days) must be supported. You can quickly check if your phone supports GSM using an online compatibility checker such as Kimovil or Will My Phone Work to determine this fact.

Purchase of SIM cards for Norway mobile networks can be found in various Telenor, Telia and Mycall stores as well as grocery and convenience stores throughout Norway. Starter packs typically start around NOK 100; passport or ID may be required upon purchasing.

Lycamobile offers various prepaid plans, such as Combo Plans and Data Bundles. Pricing for both plans is in Norwegian Krone. Wise Currency Converter makes this conversion simple. 

Combo Plans combine minutes, SMS and data access, with the option to add free calls between Lycamobile users in Norway; data bundles offer large amounts of unmetered data with no speed restrictions over various durations – perfect for mobile Internet.

Remember that most mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) plans available at Oslo Airport do not include free European roaming with their prepaid plans, so if traveling in Europe it might be beneficial to purchase an EU SIM card instead.

Lycamobile is one of the leading mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in Europe, serving over 30 million customers and growing. Renowned for exceptional customer service, Lycamobile operates in over 30 countries and its products and services can be found at over 750,000 outlets globally. 

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Keepgo is a relatively new player on the international SIM card scene, offering an innovative solution to avoid expensive roaming fees from your home mobile network. 

As a global SIM that provides data access in over 100 countries at an affordable flat rate, Keepgo makes life simpler for frequent travellers or long-term residents abroad, offering ease of use and great flexibility regarding how many devices can connect simultaneously.

Keepgo stands out as an exceptional service because it does not throttle 4G speeds once you reach a certain amount of data usage, potentially saving hundreds of dollars over the course of your trip in data charges. Furthermore, its friendly customer support team is on hand if any problems arise.

Keepgo stands out from other international SIM cards by not charging for voice calls or SMS messages; however, additional prepaid data bundles can be purchased to expand your capacity – prices are reasonable but don’t compare favorably to local prepaid plans.

Utilizing a Keepgo eSIM in Norway is both accessible and cost-effective, thanks to their network spanning more than 100 countries and offering high-speed WiFi without data roaming fees. They even come equipped with portable hotspots so multiple people can share internet connection at once!