Planning and visualizing your New Year’s resolutions

You’ve probably already started planning for the new year if you’re serious about making progress in your business. Perhaps your goals are to expand your clientele, raise your income, or update your workplace. Perhaps you’d like to spend more time with your family and might benefit from fewer hours or fewer days at the office. It’s best to discuss your financial planning with business tax experts well in advance. 

This is especially true at the start of the year when resolutions and plans are front and center. Nonetheless, research shows that by mid-February, 80% of those who make New Year’s resolutions have already given up. When we return to work after the holidays, it’s easy to slide back into our old routines and neglect our goals for personal and professional growth that we set before the break. To this end, it can be helpful to create concrete mental images of your aspirations. One method is to make a vision board.

Methods for Creating a Dream Board

Knowing what a vision board is and how it helps keep you on track to achieving your goals, you can now begin creating your own.

Identify your objectives.

Step one in creating a vision board for yourself or your company is to define your objectives. Consider your immediate, intermediate, and distant aims. At the end of the first quarter, what do you hope to have accomplished? By this time next year, what do you want to have accomplished?

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Try to picture yourself as a successful person.

Visualize how your life will change for the better once you’ve accomplished your goals. If cutting back on work hours so you can spend more time with loved ones is a priority, measuring success could include scheduling a vacation or even just more frequent get-togethers. If you’re hoping to modernize your office, perhaps you’ll consider that objective met if you’re able to move into a new facility or get some fancy new tools.

Collect relevant data

So, now that you have a mental picture of achievement, it’s time to get to work. You’ll need a corkboard, magnetic board, poster board, or any other flat surface to pin your images and text to in order to create a paper vision board. Pictures can be taken by you, printed off the internet, or cut out of publications. Keywords or inspirational quotes might be written down and reviewed when feeling unmotivated.

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