Our Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Vapes Scan On the Airport

Do you take disposable vapes to the airport? This blog gives you brief information about airport scanners and airline policies. As we all know, there are two types of vaporisers; refillable and disposable vaporisers, but most disposable pods are common.

Ready-to-use vaping devices that do not require customisation are called disposable kits. It is a non-refillable device that has been filled with vape liquid. This evaporator is widely used because its use requires no maintenance.

Yes, at UK airports, scanners can scan disposable vapes. Airport scanners can check for disposable kits in your luggage. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the airline’s restrictions. Under these restrictions, you can only take best vape kit in your luggage, but you cannot vape at the airport or on a plane. While there are many airlines, and each airline has its own rules, most of the time, anybody is not allowed to vape at the airport. 

  • Can We Vape At Airports Or On Planes?

This is an absolute no to vaping on a plane, as disposable vapes are banned on board planes and even at airports. But you can take your vaping kit with you in your luggage. Once you arrive at the terminal, you cannot vape until you reach your destination.

Some airports in the UK have dedicated smoking areas, but they are farther away from the terminal. While vaping does not produce second-hand smoke, it is still illegal to use a vaping kit outside of a smoking area.

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  • Airline-Specific Policies On E-cigarettes:

While disposable vapes are allowed in luggage, e-cigarettes are banned on board the airline. For example, there are airlines. B. Emirates, British Airways, Jet2, etc. Announce a specific policy on vaping. Some of them are:

  • British Airways:

E-cigarettes are not allowed on the plane, but they can be carried in hand luggage.

  • Jet 2:

All devices with lithium batteries, including disposable vaping devices, are intended for onboard use only but may be stowed in your luggage.

  • Emirates:

All Emirates passengers must be non-smokers. They are also prohibited from using e-cigarettes of any kind on board or during the flight.

  • TUI:

You are not allowed to bring portable electronic devices, including vaping kits.

  • Easy Jet:

All e-cigarettes and more than two spare batteries can make boarding difficult.

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  • It is recommended to follow: 

  • You may face penalties and fines if you do not follow the airline’s rules and guidelines. Therefore, to avoid this, the following advice should be followed:
  • Since the lithium batteries of disposable vapes can ignite, it is recommended to carry them in hand luggage.
  • Disposable vapes are recommended, as all components are integrated into the device, making it comfortable to carry and hold.
  • While you can take vaporisers on board, many airlines limit the number of disposable vapes you can carry. In most cases, 15-20 single-use Elf Bar kits are allowed in the luggage. You cannot take more than a limited amount of e-cigarettes.
  • Upper limit line:

Based on the above details, it is clear that the scanners embedded in the airport system can detect disposable vapes; however, it is not illegal to carry a vaping kit in your luggage, but you are not allowed to vape in the airport unless there is a designated vaping area.