Nine important tips to ace your online nursing degree

Online courses are soaring in popularity after the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. This trend is highly likely to continue even as the pandemic draws to an end. Nursing is one such discipline where more and more students opt for online study programs. Another reason for this trend is that distance learning provides a convenient solution for those who wish to study part-time.

One common gripe with distance learning is that it is inferior to conventional education. With emerging virtual educational devices and techniques, this is no longer the case. In fact, with the rising acceptance of online education and developments in this field, these courses are just as acceptable.

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Online learning may prove challenging to students not used to it. These study programs require greater discipline from their side. As the course activities can be asynchronous, i.e., attemptable when convenient to the student, students can procrastinate and fall behind schedule. Less interaction with tutors can also prove to be challenging for many students.

Many nurses are particularly interested in programs that allow them to get better and become leaders in nursing. These qualifications can lead to higher chances of getting hired and better pay. One educational pathway is from a registered nurse to a bachelor’s in nursing, such as an RN-BSN online program.

Considering the different means of education and the possible challenges, here are some steps you should take to complete your online nursing course with flying colors.

1. A Daily Routine for Daily Progress

You should develop a daily studying routine around when you have time and when you like to study. Sticking to that routine will allow you to progress daily (or weekly). If you procrastinate and leave the workload to gather, it can become a huge burden. Moreover, if the course deadlines are flexible, you will end up increasing its total duration.

Setting up a schedule to complete tasks well in time lets you stay in the game and reap the maximum benefit from online learning.  As in the nursing profession, discipline is key.

2. Independent Work

Students should complete all the required and recommended activities and study more on their subjects. Just barely getting through the assessments should not be the aim of online learning. 

This is not easy for every nursing student. However, the internet is a very large resource that is easy and convenient to use. Students can also visit libraries to consult books.

Students can access different resources regarding the course material, and going through them can prove very beneficial. For example, many videos on YouTube explain concepts in a much simpler manner. You can browse through research papers, different articles, and books that explain complex topics in simpler terms. 

3. Getting organized

We have already discussed time management, but being organized is much more than that. Good students should keep track of their courses, what they are studying, and anything that follows. They should keep their files in well-managed folders to prevent losing important notes.

This is a beneficial drill for a nursing student because patients depend on nurses to provide them with the best care. Nurses often need to maintain documents and reports for their patients. 

Do not make abrupt appearances for your online classes and quizzes. A well-organized student would prepare for them just like regular classes and academic activities. 

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4. Balance

Students should know how to balance their studies with other activities such as friends and family, going out, and other enjoyable past times. Studying from home can form an illusion that you have more time for fun activities, but that is not true. A healthy and balanced lifestyle is the key to success. 

Being home can also cause others to assume that you are free to join them in their activities and help with daily chores. Clearly communicating your studying schedule might help solve this issue. 

5. Create a Working Space

There is a link between places and the actions we associate with them. Being at that place will cause you to repeat that action. Just as studying while lying in your bed will always make you drowsy. This is because a bed will always make you think about sleeping and resting. 

You should set up a table and a chair with a place to keep your books, laptop, or any other study material. This will help you organize and clarify to yourself and others what you are supposed to be doing. 

6. Go through all the introductory material

Online courses are usually well organized. There is some introductory material that explains the course’s purpose and contents, then the main body, and finally some exercises and assessments.

Skipping the orientational material can sometimes be enticing, but you should go through it. It explains what you will be studying, its contents and deadlines, and how it all fits in the big picture. Knowing why and how you are studying something increases the quality of that education. It also tells you how much time you should be spending on each part.

7. Connecting with Other Nursing Students

It can sometimes feel unnecessary, especially if you are an introvert, but communicating with other students can pay off. Getting to know someone going through the same activities as yourself is usually pleasurable, and it can provide a benchmark for your performance in the course. You can get help or understand the course material better by connecting with other students and forming study groups.

Other nursing students come from different backgrounds and can have different qualifications, which can end up increasing your knowledge. It can boost your motivation and allow you to continue your studies with greater enthusiasm.

8. Communicating with the Instructors

Sometimes students can get stuck and fail to grasp fundamental concepts. Getting in touch with the instructors is the best way to clear misconceptions and prevent you from falling behind.  

Tutors design the course material with a lot of effort, and they are the best people who can help you get through the course as they have the most relevant insight.

Tutors can also shed light on their experience as professional nurses.


By following these steps, you can make the best of your program and ace your examination. Like regular education, consistency is key and will enable you to get through the courses. At first, it might seem strange, but online education is not wildly different from on-campus learning. You will excel in your online nursing courses by treating these programs with the same seriousness as a conventional education and moving in an organized manner using available resources.



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