Navigating Maintenance and Repair Issues as a Landlord

Owning and maintaining rental properties requires a lot of upkeep work and review. If you’re like most landlords, you’re better off hiring a maintenance team to help you stay on track. If you’re a landlord struggling to navigate repairs and maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to manage your property without the stress. 

Hire A Maintenance Crew

Hire a team of professionals with the skill and expertise you need to manage your property correctly. Investing in a property manager can seem costly, but saving yourself from the headaches of being a landlord is worth it in the long run.

From painters to electricians, you want to ensure that your crew can address every potential tenant property request and any legal requirements that go into owning and renting out your property. 

Conduct a credit check for landlords before hiring anyone to help with these tasks so you know you’re putting your trust in those you can count on. Ensure you have all the correct paperwork and legal information before renting out a property.

Get Pest Control

No matter how clean you keep your units, pests can be inevitable. Your location and the time of year can influence how likely it is that pests have made their way into your units. 

On a routine basis, you hire professionals like pest control services for all your rental properties. 

By hiring for pest control routinely, you can ensure that your units are free of rodents and other pests that interfere with your tenants’ stay. 

Budget For Repairs

The repairs you put into your property will cost a lot of money. You want to carry out these routine services for every unit you own, which can add up to a lot if you aren’t careful. 

Ensure you budget for your repairs and services and account for these costs within your tenant rental agreements. It takes money to make many, so ensure you’re covered and are not losing out on income to cover these essential costs. 

Your rental prices should reflect these services, location, length of stay, etc. Make your rental arrangements work for you initially to navigate any maintenance and repair needs later.  

Update Your Property Regularly

To avoid needing repairs and maintenance work, make it your goal to update your property regularly. Check in every year to see what needs to get done before the next tenants move in. By taking care of things preventatively, you avoid additional costs for more serious repairs and maintenance responsibilities in the future. 

When addressing maintenance and repair concerns as a landlord, it’s crucial to prioritize property longevity and compliance. Engaging in proactive measures, you can get Florida 30-year recertification through reputable services like Milestone Inspections, can contribute to the overall well-being and regulatory adherence of your property.

Make Trash Pickup Effective

If trash accumulates or is exposed near your property, it is more likely that rodents and other pests will get and cause issues for your properties and tenants. Make your trash pickup arrangements as effective to avoid these risks.  

Ask your tenants to follow strict guidelines on how they take out the trash and where they place it to decrease the likelihood of pests finding their way inside. It may also help to purchase a large bin to dispose of trash for weekly pickups. 

Depending on your location and town guidelines, trash pickup may be limited. In any case, ask your tenant to double bag their trash so that it is less enticing for nearby pests that may accumulate towards the trash outside.

Make It A Win-Win For You And Your Tenants 

Navigating maintenance and repair issues is an ongoing process. As a landlord, ensure you’re equipped with professional teams to help you tackle these obligations. Keep your rental prices reasonable so that you can cover the costs of services as they come up and ensure that you and your tenants ultimately benefit from the arrangement.