Knowing Deeper About Software Development

Software development must be a familiar term among developers and programmers, especially those who build apps or websites. This term is essential and required every time a developer or programmer makes a product. Those who work in the IT field must be already familiar with software development. There are a lot of software development services, one of them is Chudovo. It is an international software development company with representative offices in New York, Kyiv, Cologne, Tallinn, and London.

In this article, we will talk more deeply about software development. Here is all you need to know about such a term.

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What is Software Development?

In terms of language, software development is the development of software. But in the IT field, software development is the process of developing a software application that is systematically run so that it produces a good quality product. In the developer world, this term is frequently called SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle. The goal of using software development is to build a well-planned information system to meet target products to be released.

So, what are the functions of software development? The first function is to assist communication between the development teams in developing an app. This is important to avoid and reduce miss-communication between teams. For example, the UI/UX design team has a duty to make the initial design of a website design. The front-end development team has a duty to make a website appearance from the pure design results made by the UI/UX team.

And the back-end team takes care of the database and server parts for use by the front-end team. As you can see, communication between teams is extremely important so that the developing process of the software can be well-directed. While the second function of software development is to provide a clear view of the inputs and outputs in various stages of software development. The clear view is essential to figure out the roles and duties of each team.

It also helps to increase clients’ trust. With a clear, good view, the software development company will be able to boost their credibility and quality when it comes to working on a project given to them.

Stages of Software Development

There are several stages of software development. Note that these software development stages are flexible, and each company surely has different software development systems. For instance, Chudovo has a service called .net development, which allows users to create apps of any complexity with certain business functions for forecasting, budgeting, consolidation, and many more. The key benefit of the net programming is the versatility that allows for developing solutions for companies on any device at any time.

Each company has different software development systems because the stages are tailored to the needs of product development or client requests. But generally, here are the stages of software development.


This step functions to plan the design of making software or apps. Starting from resource allocation planning, costs, team needs, estimated working time, and so on. In this step, a project manager should carefully think about the project work plan.


The next stage is the app design process. In this step, developers need to plan the whole system as well as the algorithm flow well. The design process in this step does not only determine the flow of program algorithms, but also considers the initial design of the display so that the development team can implement it perfectly. Usually, the UI/UX team works on this task to be handed over to the development team.

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The third stage is the program implementation. Once the initial design of the app development is finished, it will be submitted to the developer team. The software developer team itself is divided into 2, which are the front-end team and back-end team. Each team will do their own jobs. This stage involves code writing with particular programming languages. For example, the front-end team uses programming languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to make a website. While the back-end team uses ones like Apache, PHP, SQL, and others.


Once the making process of a program is finished, it needs to be tested. This testing stage aims to find any mistakes such as bugs, errors, or other issues that can arise when using the software. The Quality Assurance team is responsible for this stage. The testing process can be done with a black box or white box method.


The deploying process in this stage means that the software is successfully made and ready to be given to clients. Clients can try the functionality of the software.

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